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Viral Videos: Medicine for Record Labels in the Fight Against Copyright Termination?

As major American record labels continue to tackle online piracy and declining reve-nues, another potentially devastating battle over some of their most valuable assets is lurking in the very near future. The Copyright Act provides artists with the right to terminate any transfers of copyrights to their works. In order to protect themselves from termination notices in the future...

Lymphomatoid granulomatosis associated with azathioprine therapy in Crohn disease

Background Lymphomatoid granulomatosis (LYG) is a rare Epstein-Barr virus-associated lymphoproliferative disorder. It most often occurs in patients with immunodeficiency and the clinical course ranges from indolent behavior to that of an aggressive malignancy. Pulmonary, central nervous system and dermatological manifestations are most common. To our knowledge this is the first...

A deletion mutant of the type IC restriction endonuclease EcoR124l expressing a novel DNA specificity

We have developed a complementation assay which allows us to distinguish between mutations affecting subunit assembly and mutations affecting DNA binding in the DNA recognition subunit (HsdS) of the multimeric restriction endonuclease £coR124l. A number of random point mutations were constructed to test the validity of this assay. Two of the mutants produced were found to be...