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The cosmic microwave background

. Jean-Loup Puget is an astrophyicist and Research Director at CNRS. He is Mission Scientist for the ESXs Infrared Space Observatory (ISO), and also PI for the High Frequency Instru­ ment (HFI) on ESXs

The evolution of clusters in the CLEF cosmological simulation: X-ray structural and scaling properties

We present results from a study of the X-ray cluster population that forms within the CLEF cosmological hydrodynamics simulation, a large N-body/SPH simulation of the Lambda cold dark matter cosmology with radiative cooling, star formation and feedback. With nearly 100 (kT > 2 keV) clusters at z= 0 and 60 at z= 1, our sample is one of the largest ever drawn from a single...

The European Large Area ISO Survey — II. Mid-infrared extragalactic source counts

11 Amanda Baker 4 11 Andreas Efstathiou 6 Catherine Cesarsky 4 Luigi Danese 1 Alberto Franceschini 10 Reinhardt Genzel 9 Andy Lawrence 8 Dietrich Lemke 13 Richard G. McMahon 12 George Miley 7 Jean-Loup ... Puget 2 Brigitte Rocca-Volmerange 3 0 Current address: Astronomy Centre, Physics and Astronomy Subject Group, School of CPES, University of Sussex , Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QJ 1 SISSA, International School