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Microbubbles combined with ultrasound therapy in ischemic stroke: A systematic review of in-vivo preclinical studies

. Sennoga, Jean-Michel Escoffre, FrancËois Tranquart, Ayache Bouakaz. Writing ± review & editing: Laurent Auboire, Charles A. Sennoga, Jean-Marc Hyvelin, FreÂderic Ossant, Jean-Michel Escoffre, FrancËois

Sonothrombolysis with BR38 Microbubbles Improves Microvascular Patency in a Rat Model of Stroke

Medicine, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen and the German Research Foundation (NST 162/ 291-1 FUGG). The co-authors, Jean-Marc Hyvelin and Catherine Botteron, are employees of Bracco Suisse SA, Geneva

CO Inhalation at Dose Corresponding to Tobacco Smoke Worsens Cardiac Remodeling after Experimental Myocardial Infarction in Rats

We hypothesized that inhalation of carbon monoxide (CO) (500 ppm), similar to that in tobacco smoke, disturbs the cardiovascular adaptation after myocardial infarction by increasing remodeling. Four groups of rats were assessed. Two groups had myocardial infarction induced by the ligation of the left coronary artery: the first group was exposed to air (infarcted air group, n = 12...