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Medication adherence, medical record accuracy, and medication exposure in real-world patients using comprehensive medication monitoring

. Sutherland, Thomas M. Daly. Formal analysis: Ryan D. Morrison, Jeffrey J. Sutherland, Thomas M. Daly. Funding acquisition: Timothy P. Ryan. Investigation: Anita Misra-Hebert, J. Kevin Hicks, Eric Vogan ... D. Morrison, Jeffrey J. Sutherland, Stephen B. Milne, Kendall A. Ryan. Visualization: Jeffrey J. Sutherland. Writing ± original draft: Timothy P. Ryan, Jeffrey J. Sutherland, Thomas M. Daly

Assessing Concordance of Drug-Induced Transcriptional Response in Rodent Liver and Cultured Hepatocytes

The effect of drugs, disease and other perturbations on mRNA levels are studied using gene expression microarrays or RNA-seq, with the goal of understanding molecular effects arising from the perturbation. Previous comparisons of reproducibility across laboratories have been limited in scale and focused on a single model. The use of model systems, such as cultured primary cells...

Co-Prescription Trends in a Large Cohort of Subjects Predict Substantial Drug-Drug Interactions

/ucm093664.htm http://www. Funding: Eli Lilly and Sano Informed Prescribing provided support in the form of salaries and benefits for authors Jeffrey J. Sutherland, Xiong Liu

Novel Phenotypic Outcomes Identified for a Public Collection of Approved Drugs from a Publicly Accessible Panel of Assays

Phenotypic assays have a proven track record for generating leads that become first-in-class therapies. Whole cell assays that inform on a phenotype or mechanism also possess great potential in drug repositioning studies by illuminating new activities for the existing pharmacopeia. The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) pharmaceutical collection (NPC) is...