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Keyphrase Extraction Using Knowledge Graphs

Extracting keyphrases from documents automatically is an important and interesting task since keyphrases provide a quick summarization for documents. Although lots of efforts have been made on keyphrase extraction, most of the existing methods (the co-occurrence-based methods and the statistic-based methods) do not take semantics into full consideration. The co-occurrence-based...

Special Issue on Graph Processing: Techniques and Applications

: Investigating TSP Heuristics for Location-Based Services by Weihuang Huang and Jeffrey Xu Yu, investigates 22 heuristics and shows the best heuristics in terms of accuracy and efficiency using benchmarks, real

Investigating TSP Heuristics for Location-Based Services

Travel planning is one of the important issues in the location-based services (LBS). Traveling salesman problem (TSP) is to find the optimal tour that traverses points exactly once in the minimum total distance. Given the hardness of TSP (NP-hard), TSP query for a given set of points, \(Q\), is not widely studied for online LBS, and the nearest-neighbor heuristic is the only...

Evolution of Cooperation in Spatial Traveler's Dilemma Game

Traveler's dilemma (TD) is one of social dilemmas which has been well studied in the economics community, but it is attracted little attention in the physics community. The TD game is a two-person game. Each player can select an integer value between and () as a pure strategy. If both of them select the same value, the payoff to them will be that value. If the players select...

A Framework of Algorithms: Computing the Bias and Prestige of Nodes in Trust Networks

A trust network is a social network in which edges represent the trust relationship between two nodes in the network. In a trust network, a fundamental question is how to assess and compute the bias and prestige of the nodes, where the bias of a node measures the trustworthiness of a node and the prestige of a node measures the importance of the node. The larger bias of a node...