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An empirical comparison of different implicit measures to predict consumer choice

. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Oliver Genschow, Jelle Demanet, Lea Hersche, Marcel Brass. Data curation: Oliver Genschow, Lea Hersche. Formal analysis: Oliver Genschow, Jelle Demanet. Funding ... acquisition: Oliver Genschow. Investigation: Lea Hersche. Methodology: Oliver Genschow, Lea Hersche. Project administration: Oliver Genschow. Resources: Oliver Genschow. Software: Jelle Demanet

Persisting activation in voluntary task switching: It all depends on the instructions

BAPTIST LIEFOOGHE 0 JELLE DEMANET 0 ANDR VANDIERENDONCK 0 0 Ghent University , Ghent, Belgium We tested the hypothesis that persisting activation from a previous task execution does not contribute

Voluntary task switching under load: Contribution of top-down and bottom-up factors in goal-directed behavior

The present study investigated the relative contribution of bottom-up and top-down control to task selection in the voluntary task-switching (VTS) procedure. In order to manipulate the efficiency of top-down control, a concurrent working memory load was imposed during VTS. In three experiments, bottom-up factors, such as stimulus repetitions, repetition of irrelevant information...