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The Importance of the Prenatal Environment in Behavioral Genetics: Introduction to Special Issue

that comprise ‘‘familial confounds’’ often indicated in this body of work. Conflict of Interest Valerie S. Knopik, Jenae M. Neiderhiser, Eco de Geus, and Dorret I. Boomsma declare that they have no

Publication Trends Over 55 Years of Behavioral Genetic Research

We document the growth in published papers on behavioral genetics for 5-year intervals from 1960 through 2014. We used 1861 papers published in Behavior Genetics to train our search strategy which, when applied to Ovid PsychINFO, selected more than 45,000 publications. Five trends stand out: (1) the number of behavioral genetic publications has grown enormously; nearly 20,000...

Expectant Mothers Maximizing Opportunities: Maternal Characteristics Moderate Multifactorial Prenatal Stress in the Prediction of Birth Weight in a Sample of Children Adopted at Birth

Background Mothers’ stress in pregnancy is considered an environmental risk factor in child development. Multiple stressors may combine to increase risk, and maternal personal characteristics may offset the effects of stress. This study aimed to test the effect of 1) multifactorial prenatal stress, integrating objective “stressors” and subjective “distress” and 2) the moderating...

The Perinatal Risk Index: Early Risks Experienced by Domestic Adoptees in the United States

We aimed to assess comprehensively the prevalence of perinatal risks experienced by a potentially high-risk yet understudied population of children domestically adopted in the United States. Data are from participant report and medical records from mothers (n = 580) who completed a domestic adoption placement with nonrelatives at or near birth (Mean placement age = 7 days). We...

The Observed Association between Maternal Anxiety and Adolescent Asthma: Children of Twin Design Suggest Familial Effects

Background Previous studies indicate that maternal anxiety is associated with asthma in the adolescent child, but mechanisms are unclear. Objective To investigate the association between maternal anxiety and maternal, self- and register-based report of asthma in the adolescent child, and whether the association remains after control of familial confounding (shared environmental...

Special Section in Memoriam: Xiaojia Ge, 1954—2009

, research that sampled normal and abnormal behaviors and contemporary behavioral genetic methodologies. We (Irving I. Gottesman, Sheng He, Leslie D. Leve, and Jenae M. Neiderhiser) facilitated a selection of ... . Neiderhiser) facilitated a selection of three of 3 J. M. Neiderhiser The Pennsylvania State University, University Park , PA, USA - Economy in Taiwan in the Institute of Taiwan Studies. In 1984 he earned a