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Controlling cell shape on hydrogels using lift-off protein patterning

. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Jens Moeller, Aleksandra K. Denisin, Alexandre J. S. Ribeiro, Beth L. Pruitt. Data curation: Jens Moeller, Aleksandra K. Denisin. Formal analysis: Jens Moeller ... , Aleksandra K. Denisin. Funding acquisition: Beth L. Pruitt. Investigation: Jens Moeller, Aleksandra K. Denisin, Joo Yong Sim, Robin E. Wilson, Alexandre J. S. Ribeiro. Methodology: Jens Moeller, Aleksandra

Mechanotransduction: use the force(s)

deregulated, but on robust physical principles. May the force (deformation) be with you Jens Moeller and Beth L Pruitt Do cells sense and respond to forces or deformations? Cells within tissues are subjected