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Slurs, roles and power

Slurring is a kind of hate speech that has various effects. Notable among these is variable offence. Slurs vary in offence across words, uses, and the reactions of audience members. Patterns of offence aren’t adequately explained by current theories. We propose an explanation based on the unjust power imbalance that a slur seeks to achieve. Our starting observation is that in ...

Mapping upper-limb motor performance after stroke - a novel method with utility for individualized motor training

Chronic upper limb motor impairment is a common outcome of stroke. Therapeutic training can reduce motor impairment. Recently, a growing interest in evaluating motor training provided by robotic assistive devices has emerged. Robot-assisted therapy is attractive because it provides a means of increasing practice intensity without increasing the workload of physical therapists. ...

Learning modular and transferable forward models of the motions of push manipulated objects

Robotics and Automation in Nuclear Facilities. Jeremy L. Wyatt is Professor of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Birmingham. He has a BA in Theology (Bristol), an MSc in Artificial