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Fundamental Aspects of High-Temperature Metallurgical Processing

incorporation of ash constituents into the slag leads to increased viscosity and greater holdup. An increase in unburnt pulverized coal particles increases the Jesse F. White is the JOM advisor for the

A New Experimental Design to Study the Kinetics of Solid Dissolution into Liquids at Elevated Temperature

A new method was developed to study the dissolution of a solid cylinder in a liquid under forced convection at elevated temperature. In the new design, a rotating cylinder was placed concentrically in a crucible fabricated by boring four holes into a blank material for creating an internal volume with a quatrefoil profile. A strong flow in the radial direction in the liquid was...

Reactions Between Liquid CaO-SiO2 Slags and Graphite Substrates

In this study, the spreading and infiltration behavior of liquid slag in contact with different grades of graphite was investigated. The wetting and infiltration of slag into graphite were found to be highly material dependent. The reduction of silica by carbon is a characteristic of the system, and it generates gaseous products as evidenced by the observation of bubble formation...

Study on the Kinetics of Aluminum Removal from Liquid Silicon to Slag with Mechanical Stirring

The kinetics of aluminum removal from silicon melt to CaO-SiO2-Al2O3 slag was studied. A recently designed experimental setup using mechanical stirring was employed to focus the study on the chemical reaction. The slag and metal were found to reach chemical equilibrium in 300 seconds. A simple model could reproduce the experimental data satisfactorily. Both the experimental...

Metal Smelting and Furnace Tapping

Cryolite Molten Salt’’, Aimin Liu Dean Gregurek, Zhiwei Peng, and Jesse F. White are the JOM advisors for the Pyrometallurgy Committee of the TMS Extraction & Processing Division, and, along with Christine