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Introns provide a platform for intergenic regulatory feedback of RPL22 paralogs in yeast

Ribosomal protein genes (RPGs) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae are a remarkable regulatory group that may serve as a model for understanding genetic redundancy in evolutionary adaptations. Most RPGs exist as pairs of highly conserved functional paralogs with divergent untranslated regions and introns. We examined the roles of introns in strains with various combinations of intron and...

The PIN-FORMED (PIN) protein family of auxin transporters

Summary The PIN-FORMED (PIN) proteins are secondary transporters acting in the efflux of the plant signal molecule auxin from cells. They are asymmetrically localized within cells and their polarity determines the directionality of intercellular auxin flow. PIN genes are found exclusively in the genomes of multicellular plants and play an important role in regulating asymmetric...