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Bacterial quality evaluation on the shellfish-producing area along the south coast of Korea and suitability for the consumption of shellfish products therein

BackgroundTo confirm whether shellfish are suitable for consumption, the quality of seawater and shellfish in shellfish-producing areas must be assessed regularly. This study was conducted to evaluate the bacterial quality on the Changseon area, containing a designated shellfish-producing area, in Korea during 2011–2013.ResultEven though many inland pollutants near the area were...

Is it appropriate for Korean women to adopt the 2009 Institute of Medicine recommendations for gestational weight gain?

Young Kwon. Data curation: Jeong ha Wie, Hae Won Seo, Min Jin Jeong. Formal analysis: Jeong Namkung, Ji Young Kwon. Investigation: Jeong ha Wie, In Yang Park, Ji Young Kwon. 9 / 11 Methodology: In ... Yang Park. Supervision: Ji Young Kwon. Writing ± original draft: Jeong ha Wie, In Yang Park. Writing ± review & editing: Ji Young Kwon. 10 / 11 1. Siega-Riz AM , Viswanathan M , Moos MK , Deierlein A