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Video laryngoscopy does not improve the intubation outcomes in emergency and critical patients – a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

There is significant controversy regarding the influence of video laryngoscopy on the intubation outcomes in emergency and critical patients. This systematic review and meta-analysis was designed to determine whether video laryngoscopy could improve the intubation outcomes in emergency and critical patients. We searched the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, PubMed...

Dual-layer aligned-random nanofibrous scaffolds for improving gradient microstructure of tendon-to-bone healing in a rabbit extra-articular model

,2 Chengchong Ai,1 Dandan Sheng,1 Wenhe Jin,1 Xingwang Liu,1 Yunlong Zhi,1 Jia Jiang,1 Jun Chen,1,3,4 Xiumei Mo,2 Shiyi Chen1 1Department of Sports Medicine, Huashan Hospital, Fudan University

Deep-Brain Electrical Microstimulation Is an Effective Tool to Explore Functional Characteristics of Somatosensory Neurons in the Rat Brain

In neurophysiology researches, peripheral stimulation is used along with recordings of neural activities to study the processing of somatosensory signals in the brain. However, limited precision of peripheral stimulation makes it difficult to activate the neuron with millisecond resolution and study its functional properties in this scale. Also, tissue/receptor damage that could...

Local delivery of controlled-release simvastatin to improve the biocompatibility of polyethylene terephthalate artificial ligaments for reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament

,* Fei Han,2,* Yunxia Li,1 Jiwu Chen,1 Tianwu Chen,1 Yunlong Zhi,1 Jia Jiang,1 Chao Lin,2 Shiyi Chen,1 Peng Zhao2 1Department of Sports Medicine, Huashan Hospital, Fudan University, 2Shanghai East Hospital

Self-similarity property of acoustic data acquired in shallow water environment

Underwater acoustic modeling in shallow water environment is difficult since sound waves reflect several times between the surface and the water bottom. This article discusses an underwater acoustic characteristics analysis method based on self-similarity. It is found that acoustic signal has good self-similarity in shallow water. The actual towed hydrophone linear array was...

Offshore towed hydrophone linear array: principle, application, and data acquisition results

An underwater acoustic sensing array was presented in this article. With the high-precision sampling clock generation and transmission system, the array can acquire signals synchronously in sub-microsecond level, which is important in offshore environment. Meanwhile, real-time data transmission and storage system was established. All of the data received in host computer can be...

The Features of Genetic Prion Diseases Based on Chinese Surveillance Program

Objective To identify the features of Chinese genetic prion diseases. Methods Suspected Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) cases that were reported under CJD surveillance were diagnosed and subtyped using the diagnostic criteria issued by the WHO. The general information concerning the patient, their clinical, MRI and EEG data, and the results of CSF 14-3-3 and PRNP sequencing were...