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Binaural localization of musical pitch using interaural time differences in congenital amusia

: I-Hui Hsieh, Ssc-Chen Chen. Data curation: I-Hui Hsieh, Ssc-Chen Chen, Jia-Wei Liu. Formal analysis: I-Hui Hsieh, Ssc-Chen Chen, Jia-Wei Liu. Funding acquisition: I-Hui Hsieh. Investigation: I-Hui ... Hsieh. Methodology: I-Hui Hsieh, Ssc-Chen Chen. Project administration: I-Hui Hsieh. Resources: I-Hui Hsieh, Ssc-Chen Chen, Jia-Wei Liu. Software: I-Hui Hsieh, Ssc-Chen Chen, Jia-Wei Liu. 14 / 17

The Effects of Negative Pressure by External Tissue Expansion Device on Epithelial Cell Proliferation, Neo-Vascularization and Hair Growth in a Porcine Model

While pre-treating a fat transplant recipient site with negative pressure has shown promise for increasing the fat survival rate, the underlying mechanisms have not been investigated, partly due to challenges related to immobilization of vacuum domes on large animal subjects. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of negative pressure treatment by External Tissue...

A yeast-based bioassay for the determination of functional and non-functional estrogen receptors

The response to endocrine therapy of breast cancer is not entirely predictable from hormone receptor status alone since some point mutated or splicing variants of the estrogen receptor (ER) show altered biological activities. In order to characterize the activities of all forms of ER in a heterogeneous breast tumor, a functional assay in Saccharomyces cerevisiae was developed...