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A High-Efficiency Si Nanowire Array/Perovskite Hybrid Solar Cell

A low-cost Si nanowire array/perovskite hybrid solar cell is proposed and simulated. The solar cell consists of a Si p-i-n nanowire array filled with CH3NH3PbI3, in which both the nanowires and perovskite absorb the incident light while the nanowires act as the channels for transporting photo-generated electrons and holes. The hybrid structure has a high absorption efficiency in a ...

Node importance evaluation method in wireless sensor network based on energy field model

Jiamin Wang 2 Si Shen 1 4 0 Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Network Computing and Security, Xi'an University of Technology , Xi'an 710048 , China 1 School of Computer Science and Engineering, Xi'an University of ... University of Technology, China. He is currently a Ph.D. student at Xi’an University of Technology. His research interests include the Internet of things and data mining. Jiamin Wang is currently the

Middle-Miocene transformation of tectonic regime in the Himalayan orogen

Understanding the multiple tectonic transformations during the Himalayan orogeny is significant in evaluating the evolution of Himalayan orogen. In the Gyirong area in south Tibet, deformed leucogranitic veins in the biotite-plagioclase gneisses of Greater Himalayan crystalline complex (GHC) constitute south-vergent asymmetric folds. The reconstruction of the veins shows that they ...