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Characteristics of combustion zone and evolution of mineral phases along bed height in ore sintering

Quantitative parameters of bed combustion, including the thickness of the combustion zone (TCZ), the maximum temperature of the combustion zone (MTCZ), and the bed shrinkage, were characterized through a series of sinter pot tests in transparent quartz pots. The results showed that TCZ first ascended and then descended as the sintering process proceeded. The sintering process was...

Basic characteristics of Australian iron ore concentrate and its effects on sinter properties during the high-limonite sintering process

The basic characteristics of Australian iron ore concentrate (Ore-A) and its effects on sinter properties during a high-limonite sintering process were studied using micro-sinter and sinter pot methods. The results show that the Ore-A exhibits good granulation properties, strong liquid flow capability, high bonding phase strength and crystal strength, but poor assimilability...

Reduction behavior and kinetics of vanadium–titanium sinters under high potential oxygen enriched pulverized coal injection

In this work, the reduction behavior of vanadium–titanium sinters was studied under five different sets of conditions of pulverized coal injection with oxygen enrichment. The modified random pore model was established to analyze the reduction kinetics. The results show that the reduction rate of sinters was accelerated by an increase of CO and H2 contents. Meanwhile, with the...

Comparison of kinetic models for isothermal CO2 gasification of coal char-biomass char blended char

This study investigated the isothermal gasification reactivity of biomass char (BC) and coal char (CC) blended at mass ratios of 1:3, 1:1, and 3:1 via isothermal thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) at 900, 950, and 1000°C under CO2. With an increase in BC blending ratio, there were an increase in gasification rate and a shortening of gasification time. This could be attributed to...

Electroacupuncture Reduces the Effects of Acute Noxious Stimulation on the Electrical Activity of Pain-Related Neurons in the Hippocampus of Control and Neuropathic Pain Rats

Chen,3 Shu-Ping Chen,1 Yong-Hui Gao,1 Jian-Liang Zhang,1 Xiu-Mei Feng,1 Yaxia Yan,1 Jun-Ling Liu,1 Ingrid Gaischek,2 Daniela Litscher,2 Lu Wang,2 Irmgard Th. Lippe,4 and Gerhard Litscher1,2 1Department

Effect of Repeated Electroacupuncture Intervention on Hippocampal ERK and p38MAPK Signaling in Neuropathic Pain Rats

Results of our past studies showed that hippocampal muscarinic acetylcholine receptor (mAChR)-1 mRNA and differentially expressed proteins participating in MAPK signaling were involved in electroacupuncture (EA) induced cumulative analgesia in neuropathic pain rats, but the underlying intracellular mechanism remains unknown. The present study was designed to observe the effect of...

Observation of Pain-Sensitive Points along the Meridians in Patients with Gastric Ulcer or Gastritis

This study aims to investigate the sensitization of human skin points along certain meridians related to visceral disease by using the pressure-pain threshold (PPT) as an indicator. We detected and compared the PPTs of people with and without gastric ulcer or gastritis on the related acupoints, abdomen area, and back area with von Frey detector and observed the similarities and...

Allosteric activation mechanism of the cys-loop receptors

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