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Maximum principle for optimal control of fully coupled forward-backward stochastic differential delayed equations

ESAIM: COCV 1. Introduction and problem formulation 0 Jianhui Huang was supported by Departmental General Research Fund (No. A-SA69) and RGC Earmarked Grants of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Terrestrial Contributions to the Aquatic Food Web in the Middle Yangtze River

Understanding the carbon sources supporting aquatic consumers in large rivers is essential for the protection of ecological integrity and for wildlife management. The relative importance of terrestrial and algal carbon to the aquatic food webs is still under intensive debate. The Yangtze River is the largest river in China and the third longest river in the world. The completion...

Response of the Abundance of Key Soil Microbial Nitrogen-Cycling Genes to Multi-Factorial Global Changes

Multiple co-occurring environmental changes are affecting soil nitrogen cycling processes, which are mainly mediated by microbes. While it is likely that various nitrogen-cycling functional groups will respond differently to such environmental changes, very little is known about their relative responsiveness. Here we conducted four long-term experiments in a steppe ecosystem by...

Photosynthetic responses of C3 and C4 species to seasonal water variability and competition

Huang 1 Shiqiang Wan 1 0 Institute of Microbiology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences , Zhongguancun, Beijing 100080 , China 1 Laboratory of Quantitative Vegetation Ecology, Institute of Botany, the