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Characterization of the CCT family and analysis of gene expression in Aegilops tauschii

. Orthologue CCT genes in rice and Arabidopsis. (XLSX) Author Contributions Formal analysis: Jianli Chen. 15 / 18 Investigation: Chuan Ge. Methodology: Xingwei Zheng, Xiaohua Li, Mengmeng Shi, Linyi Qiao ... , Jiancheng Zhang. Visualization: Xingwei Zheng. Writing ± original draft: Xingwei Zheng, Linyi Qiao, Jun Zheng. Writing ± review & editing: Xingwei Zheng, Jianli Chen, Jun Zheng. 16 / 18 INSENSITIVE1. The

Mapping of quantitative trait loci for grain yield and its components in a US popular winter wheat TAM 111 using 90K SNPs

, Smit Dhakal, Jackie C. Rudd, Amir M. H. Ibrahim, Qingwu Xue, Scott Haley, Jianli Chen, Shiaoman Chao, Jason Baker, Kirk Jessup, Shuyu Liu. Formal analysis: Silvano O. Assanga, ChorTee Tan, Smit Dhakal ... . Assanga, Jackie C. Rudd, Scott Haley, Shuyu Liu. Project administration: Shuyu Liu. Resources: Guorong Zhang, Jackie C. Rudd, Amir M. H. Ibrahim, Qingwu Xue, Scott Haley, Jianli Chen, Shiaoman Chao

A novel QTL associated with dwarf bunt resistance in Idaho 444 winter wheat

Key message A novel QTL, Q.DB.ui-7DS, and the PCR-based markers identified in the current study will accelerate variety development for resistance to dwarf and common bunt of wheat. Abstract Dwarf bunt [Tilletia controversa J.G. Kühn [as ‘contraversa’], in Rabenhorst, Hedwigia 13: 188 (1874)] is a destructive disease of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) that reduces grain yield and...

Molecular characterization of field resistance to Fusarium head blight in two US soft red winter wheat cultivars

In the soft red winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) regions of the US, Fusarium head blight (FHB, caused by Fusarium spp.) resistance derived from locally adapted germplasm has been used predominantly. Two soft red winter wheat cultivars, Massey and Ernie, have moderate resistance to FHB. Mapping populations derived from Becker/Massey (B/M) and Ernie/MO 94-317 (E/MO) were...

Population- and genome-specific patterns of linkage disequilibrium and SNP variation in spring and winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Shiaoman Chao Jorge Dubcovsky Jan Dvorak Ming-Cheng Luo Stephen P Baenziger Rustam Matnyazov 0 Dale R Clark Luther E Talbert James A Anderson Susanne Dreisigacker Karl Glover Jianli Chen Kim Campbell