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Differences in Factors Affecting Various Crash Types with High Numbers of Fatalities and Injuries in China

Objectives Road traffic crashes that involve very high numbers of fatalities and injuries arouse public concern wherever they occur. In China, there are two categories of such crashes: a crash that results in 10–30 fatalities, 50–100 serious injuries or a total cost of 50–100 million RMB ($US8-16m) is a “serious road traffic crash” (SRTC), while a crash that is even more severe...

Stereocomplex micelle from nonlinear enantiomeric copolymers efficiently transports antineoplastic drug

Nanoscale polymeric micelles have attracted more and more attention as a promising nanocarrier for controlled delivery of antineoplastic drugs. Herein, the doxorubicin (DOX)-loaded poly(D-lactide)-based micelle (PDM/DOX), poly(L-lactide)-based micelle (PLM/DOX), and stereocomplex micelle (SCM/DOX) from the equimolar mixture of the enantiomeric four-armed poly(ethylene glycol...

Remission of Collagen-Induced Arthritis through Combination Therapy of Microfracture and Transplantation of Thermogel-Encapsulated Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells

The persistent inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) always leads to partial synovial hyperplasia and the destruction of articular cartilage. Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMMSCs) have been proven to possess immunosuppressive effects, and widely explored in the treatment of autoimmune diseases. However, poor inhibitory effect on local inflammatory state and limited...

Characterization of nanostructured ureteral stent with gradient degradation in a porcine model

Characterization of nanostructured ureteral stent with gradient degradation in a porcine model Xiaoqing Wang,1 Hongli Shan,2 Jixue Wang,1 Yuchuan Hou,1 Jianxun Ding,3 Qihui Chen,1 Jingjing Guan,1 ... Jilin University 2 Jianxun Ding Key laboratory of Polymer ecomaterials, changchun Institute of applied chemistry, chinese academy of sciences , 5625 renmin street, changchun 130022, People's republic of

ERK1/2 Pathway-Mediated Differentiation of IGF-1-Transfected Spinal Cord-Derived Neural Stem Cells into Oligodendrocytes

Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a devastating event that causes substantial morbidity and mortality, for which no fully restorative treatments are available. Stem cells transplantation offers some promise in the restoration of neurological function but with limitations. Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) is a well-appreciated neuroprotective factor that is involved with various...