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Small cell backhaul: challenges and prospective solutions

2003. He has over 30 patents granted, 22 patent filings pending and over 35 peer-reviewed publications. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE. Jie Zhang () is a full professor and holds the Chair in

A context-aware framework for the efficient integration of femtocells in IP and cellular infrastructures

In today’s heterogeneous networking (HetNet) environments, where end users are provided with universal connectivity opportunities, femtocell deployments can become key players in the enhancement of critical performance indicators such as capacity, coverage, QoS, etc. In order to confront the up-to-date LTE femtocell challenges, we propose a context-aware framework that provides a ...

Implementation and Validation of a New Combined Model for Outdoor to Indoor Radio Coverage Predictions

A new model used to compute the outdoor to indoor signal strength emitted from an outdoor base station is presented. This model is based on the combination of 2 existing models: IRLA (Intelligent Ray Launching), a 3D Ray Optical model especially optimized for outdoor predictions, and MR-FDPF (Multiresolution Frequency Domain ParFlow), a 2D Finite Difference model initially ...

Intracell Handover for Interference and Handover Mitigation in OFDMA Two-Tier Macrocell-Femtocell Networks

There are two main access policies (open and closed) to Femtocell Access Points (FAPs), being closed access the customers favorite. However, closed access is the root cause of crosstier interference in cochannel deployments of two-tier networks (i.e., macrocells and femtocells). Further, the effect of this problem is remarkably serious in the downlink of outdoor users not ...

Applying FDTD to the Coverage Prediction of WiMAX Femtocells

´lpar J u¨ttner 0 David L o´pez-Pe´ rez 0 Jie Zhang 0 Recommended by Michael A. Jensen 0 Centre for Wireless Network Design (CWIND), University of Bedfordshire , D109 Park Square, Luton, Bedfordshire LU1