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The Ontology of Biological and Clinical Statistics (OBCS)-based statistical method standardization and meta-analysis of host responses to yellow fever vaccines

WITH ETHICS GUIDELINES The authors Jie Zheng, Hua Li, Qingzhi Liu, and Yongqun He declare they have no conflict of interests. All the data sets the authors used are from public repositories. 1. Zheng

Understand spiciness: mechanism of TRPV1 channel activation by capsaicin

-like repeat domain; CAP, capsaicin; cryo-EM, Cryoelectron microscopy; MD, molecular dynamics; TRPV1, transient receptor potential vanilloid 1. COMPLIANCE WITH ETHICS GUIDELINES Fan Yang and Jie Zheng

Control Strategy for Small Molecule Impurities in Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are an emerging class of biopharmaceuticals. As such, there are no specific guidelines addressing impurity limits and qualification requirements. The current ICH guidelines on impurities, Q3A (Impurities in New Drug Substances), Q3B (Impurities in New Drug Products), and Q6B (Specifications: Test Procedures and Acceptance Criteria for...

Recent Developments in Mendelian Randomization Studies

Jie Zheng, Denis Baird, Maria-Carolina Borges, Jack Bowden, Gibran Hemani, Philip Haycock, David M. Evans and George Davey Smith each declare no potential conflicts of interest. Human and Animal Rights ... intervention targets for disease prevention in the future. Mendelian randomization; Databases and automation tools for causal inference; Hypothesis-free causality; Drug development; Disease progression - Jie

Survey on the levels of 25-hydroxy vitamin D and bone metabolic markers and evaluation of their correlations with osteoporosis in perimenopausal woman in Xi’an region

, Ning Zhang, Xiaoqin Wang. Formal analysis: Ping Zhou, Jian Hu. Investigation: Ping Zhou, Jian Hu, Ping Xi, Bo Yang, Jie Zheng. Methodology: Ping Zhou, Jian Hu, Bo Yang. Project administration ... : Xiaoqin Wang. Resources: Ping Xi, Jie Zheng. Software: Ping Xi, Ning Zhang, Jie Zheng. Validation: Ning Zhang. Writing ± original draft: Ping Zhou, Jian Hu. Writing ± review & editing: Xiaoqin Wang. 12

Power-Law Modeling of Cancer Cell Fates Driven by Signaling Data to Reveal Drug Effects

Extracellular signals are captured and transmitted by signaling proteins inside a cell. An important type of cellular responses to the signals is the cell fate decision, e.g., apoptosis. However, the underlying mechanisms of cell fate regulation are still unclear, thus comprehensive and detailed kinetic models are not yet available. Alternatively, data-driven models are promising...

De Ritis ratio (AST/ALT) as an independent predictor of poor outcome in patients with acute ischemic stroke

De Ritis ratio (AST/ALT) as an independent predictor of poor outcome in patients with acute ischemic stroke Fan Gao,1 Chen Chen,2 Jun Lu,1 Jie Zheng,1 Xian-Cang Ma,1,3 Xing-Yun Yuan,2 Kang Huo,2 Jian

The use status of anticoagulation drugs for inpatients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation in Southwest China

The use status of anticoagulation drugs for inpatients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation in Southwest China Huan Jie Zheng, Shu Kun Ouyang, Yue Zhao, Kai Lu, Su Xin Luo, Hua Xiao Department of

Facile Fabrication of Multi-hierarchical Porous Polyaniline Composite as Pressure Sensor and Gas Sensor with Adjustable Sensitivity

A multi-hierarchical porous polyaniline (PANI) composite which could be used in good performance pressure sensor and adjustable sensitivity gas sensor has been fabricated by a facile in situ polymerization. Commercial grade sponge was utilized as a template scaffold to deposit PANI via in situ polymerization. With abundant interconnected pores throughout the whole structure, the...

SynLethDB: synthetic lethality database toward discovery of selective and sensitive anticancer drug targets

Synthetic lethality (SL) is a type of genetic interaction between two genes such that simultaneous perturbations of the two genes result in cell death or a dramatic decrease of cell viability, while a perturbation of either gene alone is not lethal. SL reflects the biologically endogenous difference between cancer cells and normal cells, and thus the inhibition of SL partners of...

Content-Based Discovery for Web Map Service using Support Vector Machine and User Relevance Feedback

Many discovery methods for geographic information services have been proposed. There are approaches for finding and matching geographic information services, methods for constructing geographic information service classification schemes, and automatic geographic information discovery. Overall, the efficiency of the geographic information discovery keeps improving., There are...

High temperature sensitivity is intrinsic to voltage-gated potassium channels

Temperature-sensitive transient receptor potential (TRP) ion channels are members of the large tetrameric cation channels superfamily but are considered to be uniquely sensitive to heat, which has been presumed to be due to the existence of an unidentified temperature-sensing domain. Here we report that the homologous voltage-gated potassium (Kv) channels also exhibit high...

Ontobee: A linked ontology data server to support ontology term dereferencing, linkage, query and integration

Linked Data (LD) aims to achieve interconnected data by representing entities using Unified Resource Identifiers (URIs), and sharing information using Resource Description Frameworks (RDFs) and HTTP. Ontologies, which logically represent entities and relations in specific domains, are the basis of LD. Ontobee ( is a linked ontology data server that stores...

Construction and validation of a three-dimensional finite element model of degenerative scoliosis

Background With the aging of the population, degenerative scoliosis (DS) incidence rate is increasing. In recent years, increasing research on this topic has been carried out, yet biomechanical research on the subject is seldom seen and in vitro biomechanical model of DS nearly cannot be available. The objective of this study was to develop and validate a complete three...

Improving compound–protein interaction prediction by building up highly credible negative samples

Motivation: Computational prediction of compound–protein interactions (CPIs) is of great importance for drug design and development, as genome-scale experimental validation of CPIs is not only time-consuming but also prohibitively expensive. With the availability of an increasing number of validated interactions, the performance of computational prediction approaches is severely...

Generalized logical model based on network topology to capture the dynamical trends of cellular signaling pathways

Teresa M. Przytycka Jie Zheng 0 1 0 Biomedical Informatics Graduate Lab, School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University , Singapore 639798 , Singapore 1 Complexity Institute, Nanyang

Structure-Thermodynamics-Antioxidant Activity Relationships of Selected Natural Phenolic Acids and Derivatives: An Experimental and Theoretical Evaluation

]. Although the design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. Competing Interests: Prof. Jie Zheng, as one of corresponding authors in this manuscript and a PLOS

ARG-walker: inference of individual specific strengths of meiotic recombination hotspots by population genomics analysis

Background Meiotic recombination hotspots play important roles in various aspects of genomics, but the underlying mechanisms for regulating the locations and strengths of recombination hotspots are not yet fully revealed. Most existing algorithms for estimating recombination rates from sequence polymorphism data can only output average recombination rates of a population...