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Core signaling pathways in ovarian cancer stem cell revealed by integrative analysis of multi-marker genomics data

to thank colleagues in Biomedical Informatics Department for the helpful discussions. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Fuhai Li. Data curation: Tianyu Zhang, Jielin Xu, Qi-En Wang, Fuhai Li ... . Methodology: Tianyu Zhang, Jielin Xu, Siyuan Deng, Fengqi Zhou, Jin Li, Liwei Zhang, Lang Li, Qi-En Wang, Fuhai Li. Writing ± original draft: Tianyu Zhang, Qi-En Wang, Fuhai Li. Writing ± review & editing

Display of Cell Surface Sites for Fibronectin Assembly Is Modulated by Cell Adherence to 1F3 and C-Terminal Modules of Fibronectin

Background Fibronectin-null cells assemble soluble fibronectin shortly after adherence to a substrate coated with intact fibronectin but not when adherent to the cell-binding domain of fibronectin (modules 7F3-10F3). Interactions of adherent cells with regions of adsorbed fibronectin other than modules 7F3-10F3, therefore, are required for early display of the cell surface sites...