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The relationship between intradialytic hypotension and vascular calcification in hemodialysis patients

, Jieun Oh, Jong-Woo Yoon, Dong Ho Shin, Myung-Jin Choi. Data curation: AJin Cho, Young-Ki Lee, Jong-Woo Yoon, Dong Ho Shin, Hee Jung Jeon, Myung-Jin Choi, Jung-Woo Noh. Formal analysis: AJin Cho, Young ... -Ki Lee, Jong-Woo Yoon. Funding acquisition: Jieun Oh, Jong-Woo Yoon. Methodology: Dong Ho Shin. Resources: Dong Ho Shin, Hee Jung Jeon, Myung-Jin Choi, Jung-Woo Noh. Supervision: Jieun Oh, Jong-Woo

Vascular calcification and cardiac function according to residual renal function in patients on hemodialysis with urination

Conceptualization: Young-Ki Lee, Jieun Oh, Jong-Woo Yoon. Data curation: So Yon Rhee, Jiwon Ryu, Ajin Cho, Hee Jung Jeon, Myung-Jin Choi, JungWoo Noh. Formal analysis: Dong Ho Shin. Investigation: Young-Ki Lee ... , Jieun Oh, Jong-Woo Yoon. Methodology: Dong Ho Shin. Project administration: Dong Ho Shin. Resources: So Yon Rhee, Eun-Jung Kim, Jiwon Ryu, Ajin Cho. Software: Dong Ho Shin. Supervision: Young-Ki Lee

An Increase in Mean Platelet Volume/Platelet Count Ratio Is Associated with Vascular Access Failure in Hemodialysis Patients

After stenosis of arteriovenous vascular access in hemodialysis patients, platelets play a crucial role in subsequent thrombus formation, leading to access failure. In a previous study, the mean platelet volume (MPV)/platelet count ratio, but not MPV alone, was shown to be an independent predictor of 4-year mortality after myocardial infarction. However, little is known about the...

Delta Neutrophil Index as a Marker for Differential Diagnosis between Acute Graft Pyelonephritis and Acute Graft Rejection

Introduction The delta neutrophil index (DNI) is the fraction of circulating immature granulocytes, which reflect infectious and/or septic condition. Acute graft pyelonephritis (AGPN) versus acute graft rejection is a frequently encountered diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma in kidney transplant recipients, but little is known about the clinical usefulness of DNI value in the...

Benefits of biocompatible PD fluid for preservation of residual renal function in incident CAPD patients: a 1-year study

Background. In vitro studies of peritoneal dialysis (PD) solutions demonstrated that a biocompatible fluid with neutral-pH and low glucose degradation products (LF) has better biocompatibility than a conventional acidic lactate-buffered fluid (CF). However, few clinical trials have investigated the effects of the biocompatible solution on residual renal function (RRF). We...

Baseline peritoneal solute transport rate is not associated with markers of systemic inflammation or comorbidity in incident Korean peritoneal dialysis patients

Background. It is controversial whether comorbid status or systemic inflammation has an influence on the peritoneal solute transport rate (PSTR). Our aim is to elucidate whether baseline PSTR is associated with markers of systemic inflammation or degree of comorbidity in incident peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients. Methods. One hundred and ninety-five incident PD patients were...