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Assessing the accuracy of predictive models for numerical data: Not r nor r2, why not? Then what?

suggestions. This study was supported by Geoscience Australia. This paper is published with the permission of the Chief Executive Officer, Geoscience Australia. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Jin Li ... . Formal analysis: Jin Li. Methodology: Jin Li. Project administration: Jin Li. Resources: Jin Li. Software: Jin Li. Validation: Jin Li. Visualization: Jin Li. Writing ± original draft: Jin Li

Test the mergers of the primordial black holes by high frequency gravitational-wave detector

The black hole could have a primordial origin if its mass is less than \(1M_\odot \). The mergers of these black hole binaries generate stochastic gravitational-wave background (SGWB). We investigate the SGWB in high frequency band \(10^{8}\)–\(10^{10}\,\mathrm {Hz}\). It can be detected by high frequency gravitational-wave detector. Energy density spectrum and amplitude of the ...

Identification and evaluation of reference genes for qRT-PCR studies in Lentinula edodes

Agricultural University. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Yunfu Gu. Data curation: Quanju Xiang, Peng Qin, Maolan He. Funding acquisition: Yunfu Gu. Investigation: Jin Li. Methodology: Quanju Xiang

Early presence of anti-angiogenesis-related adverse events as a potential biomarker of antitumor efficacy in metastatic gastric cancer patients treated with apatinib: a cohort study

Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115 , USA 1 Pagona Lagiou and Jin Li shared senior authorship 2 Department of Oncology, Shanghai East Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine , No. 150 Ji Mo Road

Downregulation of miR-139-5p contributes to the antiapoptotic effect of liraglutide on the diabetic rat pancreas and INS-1 cells by targeting IRS1

Liraglutide is administered as glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist for diabetic patients and can protect pancreatic β-cells by inhibiting their apoptosis. MicroRNA-139-5p (miRNA-139-5p) participates in the regulation of cancer cell apoptosis. However, it is not clear whether miR-139-5p contributes to the anti-apoptotic effect of liraglutide in β-cells. The objective of ...

Lazer-Leach type condition for second order differential equations at resonance with impulsive effects via variational method

In this paper, we study the existence of periodic solutions of second order impulsive differential equations at resonance with impulsive effects. We prove the existence of periodic solutions under a generalized Lazer-Leach type condition by using variational method. The impulses can generate a periodic solution.

Separation algorithm of vital sign signal in complex environments based on time-frequency filtering

Life detection radar that combines radar technology with biomedical engineering detects human physiological signals (respiration, heartbeat, body movement, etc.) from a long distance with non-contact method. In this field, vital sign detection and parameter extraction are hot issues in current researches, and the acquisition of vital sign signal of human target with radar may very ...

An activity-integrated strategy of the identification, screening and determination of potential neuraminidase inhibitors from Radix Scutellariae

Small molecules isolated from herbal medicines (HMs) were identified as the potential neuraminidase inhibitors which are effective in influenza prevention and treatment. Unfortunately, current available screen methods of small molecules isolated from HMs are inefficient and insensitive. Here a novel Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography coupled with diode-array detectors and ...

Retraction Note: Landesman-Lazer type condition for second-order differential equations at resonance with impulsive effects

Advances in Difference Equations. Following publication of this article, it was brought to the attention of the editorial and publishing staff that this article has substantial overlap with an article by Jin ... Li, Jianlin Luo, and Zaihong Wang [], published in November  in Mathematical Modelling and - This is a violation of publication ethics which, in accordance with the Committee on Publication

Selecting Optimal Random Forest Predictive Models: A Case Study on Predicting the Spatial Distribution of Seabed Hardness

Spatially continuous predictions of seabed hardness are important baseline environmental information for sustainable management of Australia’s marine jurisdiction. Seabed hardness is often inferred from multibeam backscatter data with unknown accuracy and can be inferred from underwater video footage at limited locations. In this study, we classified the seabed into four classes ...

Nontrivial homoclinic solutions for prescribed mean curvature Rayleigh equations

In this paper, some sufficient conditions on the existence of 2 k π -periodic solutions for a kind of prescribed mean curvature Rayleigh equations are given. Then the existence of nontrivial homoclinic solutions for prescribed mean curvature Rayleigh equations is obtained.

Cytoplasmic Drosha activity generated by alternative splicing

RNase III enzyme Drosha interacts with DGCR8 to form the Microprocessor, initiating canonical microRNA (miRNA) maturation in the nucleus. Here, we re-evaluated where Drosha functions in cells using Drosha and/or DGCR8 knock out (KO) cells and cleavage reporters. Interestingly, a truncated Drosha mutant located exclusively in the cytoplasm cleaved pri-miRNA effectively in a ...

The Prevalence of Distress and Depression among Women in Rural Sichuan Province

Background In this paper, we report findings regarding the prevalence of expressed distress and depressive conditions among women living in a rural region of Sichuan Province. As well, we know of no data among women in rural China that examine whether “depression,” as categorically defined in classifications such as the DSM, adequately captures the expressed distress and ...

A Three-Pulse Release Tablet for Amoxicillin: Preparation, Pharmacokinetic Study and Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling

Background Amoxicillin is a commonly used antibiotic which has a short half-life in human. The frequent administration of amoxicillin is often required to keep the plasma drug level in an effective range. The short dosing interval of amoxicillin could also cause some side effects and drug resistance, and impair its therapeutic efficacy and patients’ compliance. Therefore, a ...

Safety and efficacy of fruquintinib in patients with previously treated metastatic colorectal cancer: a phase Ib study and a randomized double-blind phase II study

II study Rui-Hua Xu Jin Li 0 1 Yuxian Bai Jianming Xu Tianshu Liu Lin Shen Liwei Wang Hongming Pan Junning Cao 0 Dongsheng Zhang Songhua Fan Ye Hua Weiguo Su 0 Department of Medical Oncology, Fudan

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Landesman-Lazer type condition for second-order differential equations at resonance with impulsive effects

Jin Li 1 Meilin Zheng 0 0 Department of Scientific Research Management, Jiujiang University , Jiujiang, 332005 , China 1 School of Science, Jiujiang University , Jiujiang, 332005 , China In this

Downregulation of SMC1A inhibits growth and increases apoptosis and chemosensitivity of colorectal cancer cells

Objective The structural maintenance of chromosomes (SMC) 1A protein is a component of the cohesin multiprotein complex that is essential for sister chromatid cohesion. SMC1A gene mutations have been reported in colorectal cancer. This study aimed to investigate the role of SMC1A gene expression in colorectal cancer in vitro.