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Whole-genome sequencing of Brassica oleracea var. capitata reveals new diversity of the mitogenome

his stay with Prof. Tae-Jin Yang. This does not alter the authors' adherence to all the PLOS ONE policies on sharing data and materials. The specific roles of authors are articulated in the 'author ... distribution and their nucleotide coverage in the total genome among different B. oleracea mtDNAs. (DOC) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Tae-Jin Yang, Ill-Sup Nou. Data curation: Kiwoung Yang, Go-eun

Prompt 27-gauge sutureless transconjunctival vitrectomy for bleb-associated endophthalmitis

Purpose To summarize the characters of 6 bleb-associated endophthalmitis (BAE) cases and to report the outcomes of prompt 27-gauge sutureless transconjunctival vitrectomy to treat these cases. Methods Retrospective, non-randomized, consecutive case series of patients diagnosed with bleb-associated endophthalmitis who underwent prompt 27-gauge vitrectomy. Results The interval to...

Robust stability analysis of impulsive complex-valued neural networks with time delays and parameter uncertainties

Yang Zijian Liu The present study considers the robust stability for impulsive complex-valued neural networks (CVNNs) with discrete time delays. By applying the homeomorphic mapping theorem and some

The epidemiology of medically attended respiratory syncytial virus in older adults in the United States: A systematic review

Shinde, Jeffrey Stoddard. Data curation: Ann D. Colosia, Jin Yang. Formal analysis: Ann D. Colosia, Jin Yang, Eric Hillson, Josephine Mauskopf, Catherine Copley-Merriman, Vivek Shinde, Jeffrey Stoddard ... . Funding acquisition: Jeffrey Stoddard. Investigation: Ann D. Colosia, Jin Yang, Josephine Mauskopf, Catherine Copley-Merriman. Methodology: Ann D. Colosia, Jin Yang, Josephine Mauskopf, Catherine Copley

Tumor location as a novel high risk parameter for stage II colorectal cancers

sex. (DOCX) Acknowledgments The authors wish to acknowledge the staff and patients registered in the SEER database. Author Contributions Conceptualization: BW Jiao Yang MY Jin Yang. Data curation ... : BW Jiao Yang MY. Formal analysis: ZC ML MY. 9 / 13 Software: ZC ML. Writing ± original draft: BW Jiao Yang SL ML ZC. Writing ± review & editing: EL MY Jin Yang. 10 / 13 11 / 13 12 / 13 1. Siegel RL

Bringing the age-related macular degeneration high-risk allele age-related maculopathy susceptibility 2 into focus with stem cell technology

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a major cause of blindness in older adults in developed countries. It is a multifactorial disease triggered by both environmental and genetic factors. High-temperature requirement A serine peptidase 1 (HTRA1) and age-related maculopathy susceptibility 2 (ARMS2) are two genes that are strongly associated with AMD. Because ARMS2 is an...

Outsourcing Agricultural Production: Evidence from Rice Farmers in Zhejiang Province

China has recorded positive growth rates of grain production for the past eleven consecutive years. This is a remarkable accomplishment given that China’s rapid industrialization and urbanization has led to a vast reduction of arable land and agricultural labor to non-agricultural sectors. While there are many factors contributing to this happy outcome, one potential contributing...

Elevated plasma miRNA-122, -140-3p, -720, -2861, and -3149 during early period of acute coronary syndrome are derived from peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Li, Yue-Jin Yang, Lai-Yuan Wang, Dong-Feng Gu. Investigation: Xiang-Dong Li, Lai-Yuan Wang, Bo Xu, Hong-Fan Li. Methodology: Xiang-Dong Li, Yue-Jin Yang, Shu-Bin Qiao, Yong-Jian Wu, Bo Xu, Hong-Fan ... Li, Dong-Feng Gu. Project administration: Shu-Bin Qiao, Yong-Jian Wu, Dong-Feng Gu. Supervision: Yue-Jin Yang, Dong-Feng Gu. Validation: Xiang-Dong Li, Yue-Jin Yang, Dong-Feng Gu. Visualization

Adverse effects of chronic exposure to nonylphenol on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in male rats

acquisition: Jie Yu, Jie Xu. Investigation: Jie Zhou, Feng Gao, Liting He. Methodology: Jie Xu. Project administration: Ya Luo. Resources: Jie Yu. Software: Xuesong Yang, Jin Yang. Supervision: Jie Xu

Post-traumatic headache in patients with minimal traumatic intracranial hemorrhage after traumatic brain injury: a retrospective matched case-control study

Background No evidence is available on the risks of neurologically asymptomatic minimal traumatic intracranial hemorrhage (mTIH) in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) for post-traumatic headache (PTH). The purpose of this study was to investigate whether mTIH in patients with TBI was associated with PTH and to evaluate its risk factors. Methods Between September 2009 and...

Invasive lobular carcinoma of the breast: A special histological type compared with invasive ductal carcinoma

Conceptualization: Zheling Chen, Jiao Yang, Shuting Li, Meng Lv, Yanwei Shen, Biyuan Wang, Pan Li, Min Yi, Jin Yang. Formal analysis: Zheling Chen, Jiao Yang, Min Yi, Jin Yang. 14 / 17 Methodology: Zheling Chen ... , Jiao Yang, Min Yi, Jin Yang. Validation: Zheling Chen, Jiao Yang, Meng Lv, Xiao'ai Zhao. Writing ± original draft: Zheling Chen. Writing ± review & editing: Zheling Chen, Lingxiao Zhang, Le Wang, Jin

The course of headache in patients with moderate-to-severe headache due to mild traumatic brain injury: a retrospective cross-sectional study

Background Little is known about the long-term course of headache in patients with moderate-to-severe headache due to traumatic brain injury (TBI). We evaluated the course of headache in patients with moderate-to-severe headache due to mild TBI. Methods Since September 2009, patients with TBI prospectively rated their headache using a numeric rating scale (NRS). From the...

Efficacy and Safety of Adjunctive Corticosteroids Therapy for Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Adults: An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Jin Yang) carried out data extraction and assessed the risk of bias independently, any conflicts were resolved with group consensus. The Cochrane Collaboration's Risk of Bias Tool [ 49 ] was used to

Plasma, urine and ligament tissue metabolite profiling reveals potential biomarkers of ankylosing spondylitis using NMR-based metabolic profiles

Background Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is an autoimmune rheumatic disease mostly affecting the axial skeleton. Currently, anti-tumour necrosis factor α (anti-TNF-α) represents an effective treatment for AS that may delay the progression of the disease and alleviate the symptoms if the diagnosis can be made early. Unfortunately, effective diagnostic biomarkers for AS are still...

Surfactant-assisted solvothermal synthesis of pure nickel submicron spheres with microwave-absorbing properties

Pure metallic nickel submicron spheres (Ni-SSs), flower-like nickel nanoflakes, and hollow micrometer-sized nickel spheres/tubes were controllably synthesized by a facile and efficient one-step solvothermal method with no reducing agent. The characteristics of these nickel nanostructures include morphology, structure, and purification. Possible synthesis mechanisms were discussed...

New reference genome sequences of hot pepper reveal the massive evolution of plant disease-resistance genes by retroduplication

Transposable elements are major evolutionary forces which can cause new genome structure and species diversification. The role of transposable elements in the expansion of nucleotide-binding and leucine-rich-repeat proteins (NLRs), the major disease-resistance gene families, has been unexplored in plants. We report two high-quality de novo genomes (Capsicum baccatum and C...

Elevated Hair Cortisol Levels among Heroin Addicts on Current Methadone Maintenance Compared to Controls

Whether methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) can improve the basal function of the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis, which is suppressed by long-term heroin consumption, is a matter of debate. The stress state and depression and anxiety symptoms may affect the basal activity of the HPA axis in MMT patients. However, the effect of psychological factors on HPA activity...

A Semi-Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Pharmacodynamic Model for Glycyrrhizin-Induced Pseudoaldosteronism and Prediction of the Dose Limit Causing Hypokalemia in a Virtual Elderly Population

Population Ruijuan Xu 0 Xiaoquan Liu 0 Jin Yang 0 0 Key Laboratory of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, China Pharmaceutical University , Nanjing , China OPEN ACCESS Citation: Xu R, Liu X, Yang J (2014

Interleukin-37 suppresses tumor growth through inhibition of angiogenesis in non-small cell lung cancer

Background Interleukin-37 (IL-37), a newly identified member of the IL-1 family, has been known to play an immunosuppressive role in a variety of inflammatory disorders, but whether it participates in the regulation of pathogenesis of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) has not been investigated. Methods Real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR), western blotting, and...