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Eukaryal composition and diversity in anaerobic soils influenced by the novel chiral insecticide Paichongding

Paichongding (IPP) is a neonicotinoid chiral insecticide with independent intellectual property in China. IPP application can increase crop yield, and also lead to insecticide residue and pollution in soils, which will affect microbial population and community composition in soils. In this study, four different types of soils were employed to inquire into the impact of IPP on...

Predation risk affects growth and reproduction of an invasive snail and its lethal effect depends on prey size

analysis. We also thank Phil Darby and four anonymous reviewers for their valuable suggestions, which greatly improved this article. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Jing Guo, Jia-en Zhang. Formal ... analysis: Jing Guo, Pablo R. MartÂõn, Jia-en Zhang. Funding acquisition: Jing Guo, Jia-en Zhang. Investigation: Jing Guo, Chunxia Zhang. Project administration: Jia-en Zhang. Resources: Jia-en Zhang

Multi-GNSS precise point positioning for precision agriculture

The main objective of this research was to examine the feasibility of Multi-GNSS precise point positioning (PPP) in precision agriculture (PA) through a series of experiments with different working modes (i.e. stationary and moving) under different observation conditions (e.g. open sky, with buildings or with canopy). For the stationary test carried out in open space in the UK...

Association of NLRP3 polymorphisms with susceptibility to primary gouty arthritis in a Chinese Han population

College , Nanchong, Sichuan 637000 , China 2 Department of Geriatrics of the Affiliated Hospital of North Sichuan Medical College , Nanchong, Sichuan 637007 , China 3 Jing-Guo Zhou The NLRP3-interleukin1β ... Dr. Yan Cai for helpful discussion and kindly technical support. Author contributions Designed the experiments: Quan-Bo Zhang, Yu-Feng Qing, and Jing-Guo Zhou. Performed the experiments: YuFeng Qing

Three new species of Paraboea (Gesneriaceae) from limestone karsts of China based on morphological and molecular evidence

): CHINA. Guangxi: Quanzhou County, Huangshahe Town. 220  m, 7 July 2016, Wei-Bin Xu & Jing Guo 13006 (IBK); ibid., 7 July 2016, Wei-Bin Xu & Jing Guo 13007 (IBK); ibid., 7 July 2016, Wei-Bin Xu & Jing Guo

Monitoring inflammation injuries in the progression of atherosclerosis with contrast enhanced ultrasound molecular imaging

, Jing Guo. Funding acquisition: Yani Liu. Investigation: Jie Tian. Methodology: Jie Tian, Jun Zhang, Liping Wang, Jing Guo, Yani Liu. Project administration: Ruiying Sun, Jie Tian, Yani Liu. Software ... : Liping Wang. Validation: Jing Guo. Writing ± original draft: Ruiying Sun, Jie Tian, Yani Liu. Writing ± review & editing: Ruiying Sun, Yani Liu. 11 / 12 22. 1. Ross R . Atherosclerosis-an inflammatory

Association between egg consumption and cardiovascular disease events, diabetes and all-cause mortality

Purpose The association between egg consumption and cardiovascular disease (CVD) or type 2 diabetes (T2D) remains controversial. We investigated the association between egg consumption and risk of CVD (primary outcome), T2D and mortality in the Caerphilly prospective cohort study (CAPS) and National Diet and Nutritional Survey (NDNS). Methods CAPS included 2512 men aged 45–59...

DNABP: Identification of DNA-Binding Proteins Based on Feature Selection Using a Random Forest and Predicting Binding Residues

DNA-binding proteins are fundamentally important in cellular processes. Several computational-based methods have been developed to improve the prediction of DNA-binding proteins in previous years. However, insufficient work has been done on the prediction of DNA-binding proteins from protein sequence information. In this paper, a novel predictor, DNABP (DNA-binding proteins), was...

Experimental and visual research on the microbial induced carbonate precipitation by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Microbial induced carbonate precipitation (MICP) is a common occurrence of geochemistry influences in many fields, such as biological, geographical, and engineering systems. However, the processes that control interactions between carbonate biomineralization and biofilm properties are poorly understood. We develop a method for real time, in situ and nondestructive imaging with...

Inhibition of Fatty Acid Synthase Reduces Blastocyst Hatching through Regulation of the AKT Pathway in Pigs

Fatty acid synthase (FASN) is an enzyme responsible for the de novo synthesis of long-chain fatty acids. During oncogenesis, FASN plays a role in growth and survival rather than acting within the energy storage pathways. Here, the function of FASN during early embryonic development was studied using its specific inhibitor, C75. We found that the presence of the inhibitor reduced...

RNA binding protein 24 regulates the translation and replication of hepatitis C virus

, RNA immunoprecipitation; RPA, RNase protection assay; RRM, RNA recognition motif; UTR, untranslated region. COMPLIANCE WITH ETHICS GUIDELINES Huang Cao, Kaitao Zhao, Yongxuan Yao, Jing Guo, Xiaoxiao

Electrospun Mo02@NC nanofibers with excellent Li+/Na+ storage for dual applications

0 School of Physics and Electronics, Hunan University , Changsha 410082 , China 1 Jiaojiao Liang , Xian Gao, Jing Guo, Changmiao Chen, Kai Fan and Jianmin Ma MoO2@N-doped C nanofibers (MoO2@NC NFs

Eutopic/ectopic endometrial apoptosis initiated by bilateral uterine artery occlusion: A new therapeutic mechanism for uterus-sparing surgery in adenomyosis

The objective of the present study was to investigate differences in the expression of apoptosis-related factors in the eutopic and ectopic endometrium (EuE/EE) in women with adenomyosis before and after laparoscopic bilateral uterine artery occlusion (LUAO). Ten patients with uterine adenomyosis who received LUAO were selected as the research subjects, from whom EuE and EE...

Milk and dairy consumption and risk of cardiovascular diseases and all-cause mortality: dose–response meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies

With a growing number of prospective cohort studies, an updated dose–response meta-analysis of milk and dairy products with all-cause mortality, coronary heart disease (CHD) or cardiovascular disease (CVD) have been conducted. PubMed, Embase and Scopus were searched for articles published up to September 2016. Random-effect meta-analyses with summarised dose–response data were...

Enhanced orbit determination for BeiDou satellites with FengYun-3C onboard GNSS data

license, and indicate if changes were made. Jing Guo is a postdoctoral researcher at GNSS Research Center of Wuhan University. He received his bachelor, master and doctor degrees at Wuhan University in 2009

SynLethDB: synthetic lethality database toward discovery of selective and sensitive anticancer drug targets

Synthetic lethality (SL) is a type of genetic interaction between two genes such that simultaneous perturbations of the two genes result in cell death or a dramatic decrease of cell viability, while a perturbation of either gene alone is not lethal. SL reflects the biologically endogenous difference between cancer cells and normal cells, and thus the inhibition of SL partners of...

The C-reactive protein/albumin ratio predicts overall survival of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer

Recent studies have demonstrated the prognostic value of the C-reactive protein/albumin (CRP/Alb) ratio in cancer. However, the role of the CRP/Alb ratio in advanced pancreatic cancer (PC) has not been examined. A retrospective study of 233 patients with advanced PC was conducted. We investigated the relationship between the CRP/Alb ratio, clinicopathological variables, and...

Comparison of solar radiation pressure models for BDS IGSO and MEO satellites with emphasis on improving orbit quality

changes were made. Jing Guo is a postdoctoral researcher at GNSS Research Center of Wuhan University. He received his bachelor, master and doctor degrees at Wuhan University in 2009, 2011 and 2014

Problem/case-based learning with competition introduced in severe infection education: an exploratory study

Background Problem/case-based learning (PCBL) is one of the most commonly used educational methods in medical schools. Aim To further improve PCBL in clinical course of severe infection by introducing competition mode. Methods Two classes of medical students were divided into two groups by class-based simple randomization and were taught the course of severe infection by PCBL. A...

A new mechanism of trastuzumab resistance in gastric cancer: MACC1 promotes the Warburg effect via activation of the PI3K/AKT signaling pathway

Background Trastuzumab, a humanized antibody targeting HER2, exhibits remarkable therapeutic efficacy against HER2-positive gastric cancer. However, recurrent therapeutic resistance presents revolutionary claims. Warburg effect and AKT signaling pathway was involved in the resistance to trastuzumab. Our previous studies have demonstrated that overexpression of metastasis...