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Exploring the anomalous top–Higgs FCNC couplings at the electron proton colliders

We perform an updated analysis on the searches for the anomalous FCNC Yukawa interactions between the top quark, the Higgs boson, and either an up or charm quark \({{tqh,\ q=u,\ c}}\)). We probe the observability of the FCNC top–Higgs couplings through the processes \({e^- p\rightarrow \nu _{\mathrm{e}} }\bar{{t}} \rightarrow \nu _{\mathrm{e}} h \bar{{q}}\) signal I) and \(e^- p...

Contrasting response of coexisting plant’s water-use patterns to experimental precipitation manipulation in an alpine grassland community of Qinghai Lake watershed, China

/ 18 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Huawu Wu, Xiao-Yan Li. Data curation: Jing Li, Jinzhao Liu, Zhiyun Jiang, Cicheng Zhang. Formal analysis: Zhiyun Jiang. Software: Jing Li. Writing

Numerical Investigation of the Flow Past a Rotating Golf Ball and Its Comparison with a Rotating Smooth Sphere

Large-eddy simulations are conducted for a rotating golf ball and a rotating smooth sphere at a constant rotational speed at the subcritical, critical and supercritical Reynolds numbers. A negative lift force is generated in the critical regime for both models, whereas positive lift forces are generated in the subcritical and supercritical regimes. Detailed analysis on the flow...

Inheritance mode and mechanisms of resistance to imidacloprid in the house fly Musca domestica (Diptera:Muscidae) from China

supported by the National Basic Research Programme of China (Contract No.2012CB114103). Author Contributions Conceptualization: Zhuo Ma, Xiwu Gao. Data curation: Zhuo Ma, Jing Li, Xiwu Gao. Formal analysis ... : Zhuo Ma, Jing Li, Yi Zhang. Funding acquisition: Xiwu Gao. Investigation: Zhuo Ma, Jing Li, Chao Shan. Methodology: Jing Li, Yi Zhang, Chao Shan. 12 / 15 Project administration: Xiwu Gao. Software

Response of soil organic carbon fractions, microbial community composition and carbon mineralization to high-input fertilizer practices under an intensive agricultural system

. Methodology: Huijun Wu, Bisheng Wang. Resources: Dianxiong Cai, Jiancheng Zhang. Supervision: Baoguo Li, Jiancheng Zhang. Writing ± original draft: Jing Li. Writing ± review & editing: Xueping Wu, Mesfin

Fabrication of Si-based three-dimensional microbatteries: A review

High-performance, Si-based three-dimensional (3D) microbattery systems for powering micro/nanoelectromechanical systems and lab-on-chip smart electronic devices have attracted increasing research attention. These systems are characterized by compatible fabrication and integratibility resulting from the silicon-based technologies used in their production. The use of support...

WRKY70 and its homolog WRKY54 negatively modulate the cell wall-associated defenses to necrotrophic pathogens in Arabidopsis

reading of this manuscript. MSc Ville Pennanen is thanked for help with analysis of the GO categories. Project administration: Jing Li. Supervision: Jing Li, E. Tapio Palva. Validation: Jing Li ... . Writing ± original draft: Jing Li. Writing ± review & editing: Jing Li, E. Tapio Palva. 19 / 22 20 / 22 21 / 22 1. Glazebrook J . Contrasting mechanisms of defense against biotrophic and necrotrophic

Testosterone-induced benign prostatic hyperplasia rat and dog as facile models to assess drugs targeting lower urinary tract symptoms

Commission of Science and Technology (16431901500), and Institutes for Drug Discovery and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIMM0120151007). Author Contributions Conceptualization: Jing Li, Xin Xie ... . Data curation: Jing Li. Funding acquisition: Jing Li, Xin Xie. Methodology: Jing Li, Yanxin Tian. Supervision: Xin Xie. Writing ± original draft: Jing Li. Writing ± review & editing: Xin Xie

Newly identified colistin resistance genes, mcr-4 and mcr-5, from upper and lower alimentary tract of pigs and poultry in China

, Weina Guo, Jing Li, Chunlian Song. Methodology: Li Chen, Jilei Zhang, Jiawei Wang, Min Li, Feng Yang, Jiansen Gong, Afrah Kamal Yassin, Weina Guo, Jing Li, Chunlian Song. 8 / 10 Supervision: Chengming

Single domain based bispecific antibody, Muc1-Bi-1, and its humanized form, Muc1-Bi-2, induce potent cancer cell killing in muc1 positive tumor cells

: Yumei Li, Changhua Zhou, Jing Li, Jiayu Liu, Limin Lin, Li Li. Formal analysis: Yumei Li. Funding acquisition: Zhong Wang. Investigation: Yumei Li, Qing Li, Zhong Wang. Methodology: Yumei Li, Changhua ... Zhou, Jing Li, Jiayu Liu, Limin Lin, Li Li, Donglin Cao, Zhong Wang. Project administration: Qing Li, Zhong Wang. Resources: Changhua Zhou, Jing Li, Jiayu Liu, Limin Lin, Li Li, Donglin Cao, Qing Li

Distribution of CYP2C19 polymorphisms in Mongolian and Han nationals and the choice of specific antiplatelet drugs

Background Individualized medication reviews may improve our understanding of the distribution of CYP2C19 polymorphisms in ethnic populations. Objective To evaluate differences in CYP2C19 gene polymorphisms between Mongolian and Han nationals and determine the effect of adjustments of antiplatelet treatments according to the genetic profile in patients undergoing percutaneous...

The 15N-leucine single-injection method allows for determining endogenous losses and true digestibility of amino acids in cecectomized roosters

Yang, Junhu Yao. Data curation: Rujiu Hu, Jing Li, Rab Nawaz Soomro, Yan Feng. Formal analysis: Rujiu Hu. Investigation: Rab Nawaz Soomro. Methodology: Rujiu Hu, Jing Li, Yan Feng, Xiaojun Yang ... , Junhu Yao. Project administration: Rujiu Hu, Jing Li, Fei Wang. Resources: Rujiu Hu, Jing Li, Fei Wang, Junhu Yao. Supervision: Junhu Yao. Writing ± original draft: Rujiu Hu. Writing ± review

Correction to: Simultaneous Modification of Alumina and MgO·Al2O3 Inclusions by Calcium Treatment During Electroslag Remelting of Stainless Tool Steel

In Table III, the correct value of first-order interaction parameter of Cr on S should be −0.0105, rather than 0.0105. It should be stressed that the thermodynamic calculation associated with this parameter was performed using \( e_{\text{S}}^{\text{Cr}} \) = − 0.0105 in the published article. Thus, all calculated results associated with this parameter are correct in this article.

Genetic diversity and structure of core collection of winter mushroom (Flammulina velutipes) developed by genomic SSR markers

Background A core collection is a subset of an entire collection that represents as much of the genetic diversity of the entire collection as possible. The establishment of a core collection for crops is practical for efficient management and use of germplasm. However, the establishment of a core collection of mushrooms is still in its infancy, and no established core collection...

Prognostic value of SRSF2 mutations in patients with de novo myelodysplastic syndromes: A meta-analysis

Conceptualization: Xue Zheng, Yuping Gong. Data curation: Xue Zheng, Zhi Zhan, Duolan Naren. Formal analysis: Xue Zheng, Jing Li, Tianyou Yan. Funding acquisition: Yuping Gong. Investigation: Xue Zheng, Zhi Zhan ... , Duolan Naren. Methodology: Xue Zheng, Jing Li, Tianyou Yan. Project administration: Xue Zheng, Yuping Gong. Supervision: Yuping Gong. Validation: Xue Zheng. Visualization: Xue Zheng, Yuping Gong