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Numerical simulation of high-temperature thermal contact resistance and its reduction mechanism

acquisition: Donghuan Liu. Investigation: Donghuan Liu. Methodology: Jing Zhang. Writing ± original draft: Donghuan Liu. Writing ± review & editing: Donghuan Liu, Jing Zhang. 19 / 21 20 / 21 Wojcik CC

Evaluation of network service model based on network convergence

Technologies such as Bluetooth, RFID, WiFi, 4G, and the Internet of things are mutually converged with ADSL and fiber to the home network. Users can get information in the forms of word, voice, images, etc. through ubiquitous networks including the fixed telephone, the mobile telephone, the television, the computer, and diversified informational zed terminal equipment. Ubiquity...

Cybersecurity risks and mitigation strategies in additive manufacturing

Cybersecurity is a critical issue in additive manufacturing (AM), since AM relies on digital files and network connectivity. In this work, we first review several major cybersecurity risks and mitigation strategies in AM industry. Based on the review, we propose a new framework to detect threats and assess vulnerabilities in AM process. We also suggest a new technique of...

Rogue waves in the two dimensional nonlocal nonlinear Schrödinger equation and nonlocal Klein-Gordon equation

Conceptualization: Wei Liu. Formal analysis: Jing Zhang. Methodology: Wei Liu, Xiliang Li. Writing ± review & editing: Wei Liu. 12 / 16 13 / 16 28. 31. 14 / 16 15 / 16 1. Bender CM , Boettcher S. Real spectra in

Compressive behavior of glulam columns with initial cracks under eccentric loads

This paper investigates the mechanical performance of longitudinally cracked glulam columns under eccentric compression loads. Experimental investigation was conducted to explore the influence of initial cracks on the failure modes and load bearing capacity of glulam columns. Two different crack patterns named DC and IC, and two column lengths (i.e. 600 and 1100 mm) were...

Benefits of expressive writing in reducing test anxiety: A randomized controlled trial in Chinese samples

Yan for their genius help on the analysis of the manuscripts and TAS scores. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Lujun Shen. Data curation: Lei Yang, Jing Zhang. Formal analysis: Lujun Shen ... , Jing Zhang, Meng Zhang. Funding acquisition: Lujun Shen, Lei Yang. Investigation: Lujun Shen, Lei Yang. Methodology: Lei Yang, Jing Zhang, Meng Zhang. 12 / 15 Project administration: Lujun Shen

New Riesz representations of linear maps associated with certain boundary value problems and their applications

In this paper, we obtain new Riesz representations of continuous linear maps associated with certain boundary value problems in the set of all closed bounded convex non-empty subsets of any Banach space. As applications, the Riesz integral representation results are also given.

In vitro immunotherapy potency assays using real-time cell analysis

. Project administration: Biao Xi. Resources: Jing Zhang. Software: Wen Zhang. Supervision: Yama A. Abassi. Writing ± original draft: Fabio Cerignoli, Yama A. Abassi, Brandon J. Lamarche, Biao Xi. Writing

The influences of walking, running and stair activity on knee articular cartilage: Quantitative MRI using T1 rho and T2 mapping

. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Meng Chen, Lin Qiu, Fei Wang, Sirun Liu. Data curation: Meng Chen, Cici Zhang. Formal analysis: Meng Chen, Lin Qiu, Si Shen, Jing Zhang, Sirun Liu. Investigation ... : Fei Wang, Sirun Liu. Methodology: Meng Chen, Lin Qiu, Si Shen, Jing Zhang, Sirun Liu. Project administration: Sirun Liu. Resources: Sirun Liu. Software: Jing Zhang. Supervision: Lin Qiu, Fei Wang

Extraction optimization, purification and characterization of polysaccharides from the seed coat of black soybean

. Investigation: Cai-qiong Yang, Yao Hu, Jing Zhang, Jiang Liu. 10 / 12 11 / 12 1. China TSPCoPsRo . Pharmacopeia of the People's Republic of China . Beijing: China Medical Science Press; 2015 . 344 p. 2. Xu B

Advances of research on high-speed railway catenary

The interaction between the catenary and pantograph is one of the most crucial factors that determine the train operation in high-speed railway. The bad state of catenary is able to directly influence the power supply safety of traction power system. In this paper, four aspects on the catenary research of high-speed railway are reviewed in detail, namely the solution methods for...

How disentangled sense of agency and sense of ownership can interact with different emotional events on stress feelings

pick up affective processes in the coin task. Further studies would be better to adopt both questionnaire and objective measurements. Acknowledgements Wei Chen and Jing Zhang contribute equally to this

Switchgrass PvDREB1C plays opposite roles in plant cold and salt tolerance in transgenic tobacco

Background The C-repeat-binding factors/DRE-binding factors (CBF/DREBs) comprise a key transcription factor family involved in plant stress tolerance. Yet, there is limited information about switchgrass DREB genes and their functional roles. Results In this study, four cold-inducible PvDREB1s were identified from switchgrass (Panicum virgatum), among which PvDREB1C was the one...

Differential transcriptome profiling of chilling stress response between shoots and rhizomes of Oryza longistaminata using RNA sequencing

Wang, Xiuqin Zhao, Shilai Zhang, Jing Zhang, Fengyi Hu. Methodology: Fengyi Hu. Supervision: Binying Fu, Zhikang Li. Validation: Yinxiao Wang. Writing ± original draft: Binying Fu. 16 / 21 11. 17

Why is Governance Invalid at the Grass Roots of Society?

the survey data of GCSS2006 and CSRC2010. Dr. Jing Zhang Professor at Department of Sociology, is a researcher in the Center for Civil Society Studies at Peking University. Her research fields cover

Automatic initial and final segmentation in cleft palate speech of Mandarin speakers

. Supervision: Jing Zhang. Validation: Yin Liu. Writing ± original draft: Ling He. Writing ± review & editing: Jing Zhang, Jiang Zhang. 14 / 16 15 / 16 1. Chen TM , Chen JY . The syllable as the proximate

Circular RNA_LARP4 inhibits cell proliferation and invasion of gastric cancer by sponging miR-424-5p and regulating LATS1 expression

Non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) have been shown to regulate gene expression involved in tumor progression of multiple malignancies. Our previous studies indicated that large tumor suppressor kinase 1 (LATS1), a core part of Hippo signaling pathway, functions as a tumor suppressor in gastric cancer (GC). But, the underlying molecular mechanisms by which ncRNAs modulate LATS1 expression...

Performance of Temperature-Related Weather Index for Agricultural Insurance of Three Main Crops in China

In this study, two categories of weather index—absolute index and relative index—for chilling injury and heat damage of three main crops in China were assessed to identify insurable counties. First, correlations between selected weather indices and yield losses were examined for each county. If a correlation was significant, the county was categorized as “insurable” for the...

The Panhandlers’ Dialogue: Are Restrictions on Panhandling Content-Neutral Under the First Amendment?

/seventhcircuitreview/vol10/iss2/7 - Volume 10, Issue 2 THE PANHANDLERS’ DIALOGUE: ARE RESTRICTIONS ON PANHANDLING CONTENT-NEUTRAL UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT? JING ZHANG Cite as: Jing Zhang, The Panhandlers’ Dialogue ... -Kent College of Law. For more information , please contact Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Law Commons Recommended Citation Jing