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Comprehensive Proteoform Characterization of Plasma Complement Component C8αβγ by Hybrid Mass Spectrometry Approaches

acidTMHTransmembrane β-hairpinTSPThrombospondinXICExtracted ion chromatogramVojtech Franc and Jing Zhu contributed equally to this work.Electronic supplementary materialThe online version of this article ( https ... newly identified modifications may play a role in the MAC formation. - Vojtech Franc and Jing Zhu contributed equally to this work. IAA Iodoacetamide; LC Liquid chromatography; LDLRA Low-density

Strategies to enhance the production of pinoresinol and its glucosides by endophytic fungus (Phomopsis sp. XP-8) isolated from Tu-chung bark

To improve the production yield of (+)-pinoresinol (Pin), (+)-pinoresinol monoglucoside (PMG), and (+)-pinoresinol diglucoside (PDG), different methods were conducted, including co-culture with resveratrol-producing Alternaria sp. MG1 spores and addition of Tu-chung in a medium at the start of cultivation, ultrasound treatment (40 kHZ, 10 min) on 5-day culture, and addition of...

The impacts of market reform on the market penetration of natural gas-fired electricity and renewable energy in China

Natural gas-fired electricity (NGFE) is expected to play a more important role in the future due to its characteristics of low pollution, high efficiency and flexibility. However, its development in China is impeded by its high regulation price compared with coal power. Market reform is therefore of vital importance to promote the penetration of NGFE. The objective of this study...

Purification and characterization of a novel glutamate dehydrogenase from Geotrichum candidum with higher alcohol and amino acid activity

Crude enzyme from Geotrichum candidum S12 exhibited high activity towards hexanol at pH 4.0, distinguishing it from currently known enzymes. To identify the dominant enzyme contributing to this activity, the crude enzyme extract was separated into different fractions by ammonium sulfate precipitation, MonoQ anion-exchange chromatography, and Sephacryl S-200 gel filtration...

Atomic layer reversal on CeO2 (100) surface

The structure and properties of CeO2 surfaces have been intensively studied due to their importance in a lot of surface-related applications. Since most of surface techniques probe the structure information inside the outermost surface plane, the subsurface structure information has been elusive in many studies. Using the profile imaging with aberration-corrected transmission...

Age-related changes in CD4+CD25+FOXP3+ regulatory T cells and their relationship with lung cancer

://] to Pan-Fei Hou and the projects of medical and health technology development program in Shandong province, grant 2013WS0066 [http://] to Li-Jing Zhu. The funders played a

Inhibition of histone acetylation by curcumin reduces alcohol-induced fetal cardiac apoptosis

Background Prenatal alcohol exposure may cause cardiac development defects, however, the underlying mechanisms are not yet clear. In the present study we have investigated the roles of histone modification by curcumin on alcohol induced fetal cardiac abnormalities during the development. Methods and results Q-PCR and Western blot results showed that alcohol exposure increased...

Three-Dimensional Construction of a Rabbit Anterior Corneal Replacement for Lamellar Keratoplasty

The aim of this study was to construct a rabbit anterior corneal replacement for transplantation using acellular porcine corneal matrix (APCM) and rabbit epithelial or stromal cells. APCM was prepared from fresh porcine cornea treated with 0.5% (wt./vol.) sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) solution. The expanded stromal cells were first injected into APCM parallel to its surface and...

Low-density lipoprotein-coupled micelles with reduction and pH dual sensitivity for intelligent co-delivery of paclitaxel and siRNA to breast tumor

Low-density lipoprotein-coupled micelles with reduction and pH dual sensitivity for intelligent co-delivery of paclitaxel and siRNA to breast tumor Wen-jing Zhu,1,* Shu-di Yang,1,* Chen-xi Qu,1 Qiao ... International Journal of Nanomedicine low-density lipoprotein-coupled micelles with reduction and ph dual sensitivity for intelligent co-delivery of paclitaxel and sirNa to breast tumor Wen-jing Zhu

R&D outsourcing contract for the unverified value of tacit knowledge sharing

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to provide a R&D outsourcing contract design framework to incent R&D outsourcing service providers sharing tacit and explicit knowledge. Design/methodology/approach: The author uses the principal-agent theory to builds multitask principal-agent model which focuses on two cases. One case is that the effort costs of explicit and tacit knowledge...

Independent prognostic value of left atrial function by two-dimensional speckle tracking imaging in patients with non -ST-segment-elevation acute myocardial infarction

infarction Chunlai Shao 0 Jing Zhu 0 Jianchang Chen Weiting Xu 0 Equal contributors Department of Cardiology, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University , Sanxiang Street 1055, Suzhou , China

A Systematic Analysis of the Structures of Heterologously Expressed Proteins and Those from Their Native Hosts in the RCSB PDB Archive

Recombinant expression of proteins has become an indispensable tool in modern day research. The large yields of recombinantly expressed proteins accelerate the structural and functional characterization of proteins. Nevertheless, there are literature reported that the recombinant proteins show some differences in structure and function as compared with the native ones. Now there...

SCF-KIT signaling induces endothelin-3 synthesis and secretion: Thereby activates and regulates endothelin-B-receptor for generating temporally- and spatially-precise nitric oxide to modulate SCF- and or KIT-expressing cell functions

Fletcher at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School. These supports are not financial in nature. Formal analysis: Lei L. Chen, Jing Zhu, Jonathan Schumacher, Chongjuan Wei, Latha Ramdas, Sancy ... . Prieto, Arnie Jimenez, Marco A. Velasco, Sheryl R. Tripp, Liansheng Zhang, Pamela B. Cassidy. Methodology: Lei L. Chen, Jing Zhu, Jonathan Schumacher, Latha Ramdas, Victor G. Prieto, Arnie Jimenez

Study on LOC426217 as a candidate gene for beak deformity in chicken

Background The beak deformity (crossed beaks) was found in some indigenous chickens of China, such as Beijing-You (BJY), Qingyuan Partridge, and Huxu Chickens. Birds with deformed beaks have reduced feed intake and drinking, impeded growth rate, and poor production performance. Beak deformity reduces the economy of poultry industry and affects animal welfare as well. The genetic...

Comparison of Nanostring nCounter® Data on FFPE Colon Cancer Samples and Affymetrix Microarray Data on Matched Frozen Tissues

Zhu 1 M. Kay Washington 1 R. Daniel Beauchamp 1 0 Division of Biostatistics, Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, Florida, United States of

Large-Scale Transcriptome Analysis of Cucumber and Botrytis cinerea during Infection

Cucumber gray mold caused by Botrytis cinerea is considered one of the most serious cucumber diseases. With the advent of Hi-seq technology, it is possible to study the plant–pathogen interaction at the transcriptome level. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first application of RNA-seq to identify cucumber and B. cinerea differentially expressed genes (DEGs) before and...

DNA methylation regulates mouse cardiac myofibril gene expression during heart development

Background It is well known that epigenetic modifications play an important role in controlling the regulation of gene expression during the development. Our previous studies have demonstrated that the expression of fetal troponin I gene (also called slow skeletal troponin I, ssTnI) is predominated in the fetal stage, reduced after birth and disappeared in the adulthood. The...

Three Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases Required for Cell Wall Integrity Contribute Greatly to Biocontrol Potential of a Fungal Entomopathogen

Bck1, Mkk1 and Slt2 are three mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinases constituting cell wall integrity (CWI) pathway that may control multi-stress responses via crosstalk with high-osmolarity glycerol (HOG) pathway in budding yeast. In this study, Bck1, Mkk1 and Slt2 orthologues in Beauveria bassiana were confirmed as the three-module cascade essential for CWI because cell wall...

Polymorphism of DNA methyltransferase 3B −149C/T and cancer risk: a meta-analysis

genotype frequencies in cancer cases and controls; and (4) sufficient published data for estimating an odds ratio (OR) with 95 % confidence interval (CI). Two investigators independently (Jing Zhu and