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A genetic variant of the NTCP gene is associated with HBV infection status in a Chinese population

Background To investigate whether genetic variants of the HBV receptor gene NTCP are associated with HBV infection in the Han Chinese population. Methods We sequenced the entire 23 kb NTCP gene from 111 HBeAg-positive HBsAg carriers (PSE group), 110 HBeAg-negative HBsAg carriers (PS group), and 110 control subjects. Then, we performed association analyses of suggestively...

VAMP8 facilitates cellular proliferation and temozolomide resistance in human glioma cells

Background Malignant glioma is a common and lethal primary brain tumor in adults. Here we identified a novel oncoprotein, vesicle-associated membrane protein 8 (VAMP8), and investigated its roles in tumorigenisis and chemoresistance in glioma.

Pri-miR-124 rs531564 and pri-miR-34b/c rs4938723 Polymorphisms Are Associated with Decreased Risk of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Chinese Populations

MicroRNAs are a new class of small non-protein-coding RNAs that sometimes function as tumor suppressors or oncogenes. Aberrant expression and structural alteration of microRNAs have been reported to be involved in tumorigenesis and cancer development. Recently, rs531564/pri-miR-124-1, rs4938723/pri-miR-34b/c, rs7372209/pri-miR-26a-1, rs895819/pre-miR-27a, and rs11134527/pri-miR...

MicroRNA-377 inhibited proliferation and invasion of human glioblastoma cells by directly targeting specificity protein 1

Background Increasing evidence has indicated that microRNAs (miRNAs) are strongly implicated in the initiation and progression of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). Here, we identified a novel tumor suppressive miRNA, miR-377, and investigated its role and therapeutic effect for GBM.

Potentially Functional Variants of PLCE1 Identified by GWASs Contribute to Gastric Adenocarcinoma Susceptibility in an Eastern Chinese Population

Jin Li Yanong Wang Menghong Sun Yajun Yang Jiucun Wang Jingmin Yang Ji Qian Li Jin Hongxia Ma Qingyi Wei Xiaoyan Zhou Florian Kronenberg, Innsbruck Medical University, Austria Background: Recent

Analysis of specialized DNA polymerases expression in human gliomas: association with prognostic significance

Aberrant activation of the translesion DNA synthesis (TLS) pathway has been suggested to play a role in tumorigenesis by promoting genetic mutations. We therefore examined glioma specimens for the expression of specialized DNA polymerases involved in TLS and assessed their prognostic significance. The expression levels of DNA polymerase κ (Pol κ), Pol ι, and Pol η were assessed...

GWAS Identifies Novel Susceptibility Loci on 6p21.32 and 21q21.3 for Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Carriers

Bei Jia Nee Foo Paul J. McLaren Zhiqiang Li Jingmin Yang Feng Shen Li Liu Jiamei Yang Shuhong Li Shandong Pan Yi Wang Wenjin Li Xiangjun Zhai Boping Zhou Lehua Shi Xinchun Chen Minjie Chu Yiqun Yan Jun