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Evaluation of drug mechanism and efficacy of a novel anti-angiogenic agent, TTAC-0001, using multi-modality bioimaging in a mouse breast cancer orthotopic model

Education(2016R1D1A1A02937258). Author Contributions Conceptualization: Sang Hyun Choi, Kyung Won Kim, Yoonseok Choi. Data curation: Jinil Kim, Su Jung Ham, Young Chul Cho, Seul-I Lee, Jeeheon Kang. Formal ... analysis: Jinil Kim, Sang Hyun Choi, Su Jung Ham, Seul-I Lee, Jeeheon Kang, Dong Cheol Woo, Kyung Won Kim, Yoonseok Choi. Funding acquisition: Yoonseok Choi. Investigation: Jinil Kim, Sang Hyun Choi, Su

The administration of hydrogen sulphide prior to ischemic reperfusion has neuroprotective effects in an acute stroke model

Woo, Jae-Im Kwon, Sang-Beom Jeon, Jinil Kim. Project administration: Jae-Im Kwon, Yoonseok Choi. Supervision: Kyung-Won Kim, Jeong-Kon Kim, Sang-Beom Jeon, Seung-Chae Jung, Choong-Gon Choi, Hyun Kwon