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Observational properties of rigidly rotating dust configurations

We study the observational properties of a class of exact solutions of Einstein’s field equations describing stationary, axially symmetric, rigidly rotating dust (i.e. non-interacting particles). We ask the question whether such solutions can describe astrophysical rotating dark matter clouds near the center of galaxies and we probe the possibility that they may constitute an ...

Japanese Encephalitis Disease Burden and Clinical Features of Japanese Encephalitis in Four Cities in the People's Republic of China

0 Jinye Yang , Huiming Luo, Yixing Li, Stephen C. Hadler, Hardeep S. Sandhu, Marc Fischer, Yongzhong Jiang, Zhenguo Zhang, Guifang Liu, Li Li, Barbara W. Johnson, Xiaofeng Liang 1 100050 , People's ... , 27 Nanwei Road, Beijing 100050, Peoples Republic of China, E-mails: , , , , and liangxf@hotmail .com. Huanyu Wang, 100 Yingxin Avenue, Beijing 100052, Peoples Republic of China, E-mail: . Jinye Yang

Clinical Characteristics of 26 Human Cases of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Virus Infection in China

Zhou Kunzhao Zhang Wei Zhang Jinye Yang Xiaoning Zhong Shichang Xia Lanjuan Li Jinquan Cheng Erdang Ma Pingping He Shui Shan Lee Yu Wang Timothy M. Uyeki Weizhong Yang Joel Mark Montgomery, U.S. Naval