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Complex Bosonic Many-Body Models: Overview of the Small Field Parabolic Flow

This paper is a contribution to a program to see symmetry breaking in a weakly interacting many boson system on a three-dimensional lattice at low temperature. It provides an overview of the analysis, given in Balaban et al. (The small field parabolic flow for bosonic many-body models: part 1—main results and algebra, arXiv:​1609.​01745, 2016, The small field parabolic flow for ...

Magnitude estimation of multidimensional stimuli

The purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility of magnitude estimation in the multidimensional case. Ss made magnitude estimates of brightness (B) only, loudness (L) only, and brightness and loudness (BL) presented together. The exponent for loudness was the largest, the exponent for brightness was the smallest, and the exponent in the BL condition was equal to the ...