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Identifying economics’ place amongst academic disciplines: a science or a social science?

Different academic disciplines exhibit different styles, including styles in journal titles. Using data from the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) in the UK we are able to identify the stylistic trends of different disciplines using 155,552 journal titles across all disciplines. Cluster analysis is then used to group the different disciplines together. The resulting...

An analysis of the titles of papers submitted to the UK REF in 2014: authors, disciplines, and stylistic details

In 2014 over 52,000 academics submitted >155,500 journal articles in 36 different disciplines for assessment in the UK’s four-year Research Evaluation Framework (the REF). In this paper the characteristics of the titles of these papers are assessed. Although these varied considerably between the disciplines, the main findings were that: (i) the lengths of the titles increased...

What is Wrong with the West’s Economies? An Alternative View

The paper examines several aspects of developed countries with a particular focus on Europe. It argues that despite problems and qualifications, Europe is still in many respects a desirable part of the world in which to live, where people can fulfill their aspirations with a degree of safety. Having said that, Europe faces many problems. Any solution to Europe’s problems must...