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Forest elephant movement and habitat use in a tropical forest-grassland mosaic in Gabon

. Mills, John R. Poulsen, J. Michael Fay, Connie J. Clark. Formal analysis: Emily C. Mills, John R. Poulsen, Christopher Beirne. Funding acquisition: J. Michael Fay, Connie J. Clark. Investigation: Emily ... C. Mills, Peter Morkel, Amelia Meier. Methodology: Emily C. Mills, John R. Poulsen, Christopher Beirne. Project administration: Emily C. Mills, John R. Poulsen, J. Michael Fay. Supervision: John R

How Bees Deter Elephants: Beehive Trials with Forest Elephants (Loxodonta africana cyclotis) in Gabon

Cédric Vermeulen 1 2 John R. Poulsen 2 0 151, edu/SCBI/Collaborative-Research-Initiatives/Gabon- BiodiversityProgram.cfm) SN; Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Department of

Roles of Seed and Establishment Limitation in Determining Patterns of Afrotropical Tree Recruitment

Quantifying the relative importance of the multiple processes that limit recruitment may hold the key to understanding tropical tree diversity. Here we couple theoretical models with a large-scale, multi-species seed-sowing experiment to assess the degree to which seed and establishment limitation shape patterns of tropical tree seedling recruitment in a central African forest...

Above-ground biomass and structure of 260 African tropical forests

We report above-ground biomass (AGB), basal area, stem density and wood mass density estimates from 260 sample plots (mean size: 1.2 ha) in intact closed-canopy tropical forests across 12 African countries. Mean AGB is 395.7 Mg dry mass ha−1 (95% CI: 14.3), substantially higher than Amazonian values, with the Congo Basin and contiguous forest region attaining AGB values (429 Mg...