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Substance P signalling in primary motor cortex facilitates motor learning in rats

Blanco. Data curation: Benjamin Hertler. Formal analysis: Jonas Aurel Hosp, Andreas RuÈdiger Luft. Funding acquisition: Andreas RuÈdiger Luft. Investigation: Benjamin Hertler, Jonas Aurel Hosp, Manuel ... Buitrago Blanco. Methodology: Andreas RuÈdiger Luft. Resources: Andreas RuÈdiger Luft. Visualization: Jonas Aurel Hosp. Writing ± original draft: Jonas Aurel Hosp. Writing ± review & editing: Manuel

Protein Synthesis Inhibition in the Peri-Infarct Cortex Slows Motor Recovery in Rats

Neuroplasticity and reorganization of brain motor networks are thought to enable recovery of motor function after ischemic stroke. Especially in the cortex surrounding the ischemic scar (i.e., peri-infarct cortex), evidence for lasting reorganization has been found at the level of neurons and networks. This reorganization depends on expression of specific genes and subsequent...