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Solubilization of lipids and lipid phases by the styrene–maleic acid copolymer

A promising tool in membrane research is the use of the styrene–maleic acid (SMA) copolymer to solubilize membranes in the form of nanodiscs. Since membranes are heterogeneous in composition, it is important to know whether SMA thereby has a preference for solubilization of either specific types of lipids or specific bilayer phases. Here, we investigated this by performing...

The styrene–maleic acid copolymer: a versatile tool in membrane research

A new and promising tool in membrane research is the detergent-free solubilization of membrane proteins by styrene–maleic acid copolymers (SMAs). These amphipathic molecules are able to solubilize lipid bilayers in the form of nanodiscs that are bounded by the polymer. Thus, membrane proteins can be directly extracted from cells in a water-soluble form while conserving a patch of...