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Limits on vectorlike leptons from searches for anomalous production of multi-lepton events

We consider extensions of the Standard Model by vectorlike leptons and set limits on a new charged lepton, e 4 ± , using the ATLAS search for anomalous production of multi-lepton events. It is assumed that only one Standard Model lepton, namely the muon, dominantly mixes with vectorlike leptons resulting in possible decays e 4 ± → W ± ν μ , e 4 ± → Zμ ±, and e 4 ± → hμ ±. We...

A new avenue to charged Higgs discovery in multi-Higgs models

Current searches for the charged Higgs at the LHC focus only on the τν, cs, and tb final states. Instead, we consider the process pp → Φ → W ± H ∓ → W + W − A where Φ is a heavy neutral Higgs boson, H ± is a charged Higgs boson, and A is a light Higgs boson, with mass either below or above the \( b\overline{b} \) threshold. The cross-section for this process is typically large...