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Experimental and Measurement Methods for the Small-Scale Model Testing of Lateral and Torsional Stability

-Han Lee Yong Myung Park Chi-Young Jung Jae-Bong Kim Tests of the lateral and torsional stability are quite sensitive to the experimental conditions, such as support conditions and loading system

Effective Prediction of Thermal Conductivity of Concrete Using Neural Network Method

Jong-Han Lee Jong-Jae Lee Baik-Soon Cho The temperature distributions of concrete structures strongly depend on the value of thermal conductivity of concrete. However, the thermal conductivity of

Chemokine Expression in Inflamed Adipose Tissue Is Mainly Mediated by NF-κB

Immune cell infiltration of expanding adipose tissue during obesity and its role in insulin resistance has been described and involves chemokines. However, studies so far have focused on a single chemokine or its receptor (especially CCL2 and CCL5) whereas redundant functions of chemokines have been described. The objective of this work was to explore the expression of chemokines...