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Collaborative modeling of an implementation strategy: a case study to integrate health promotion in primary and community care

Background Evidence-based interventions are more likely to be adopted if practitioners collaborate with researchers to develop an implementation strategy. This paper describes the steps to plan and execute a strategy, including the development of structure and supports needed for implementing proven health promotion interventions in primary and community care. Results Between 10...

Health promotion in primary care: How should we intervene? A qualitative study involving both physicians and patients

Background The effects of tobacco, physical exercise, diet, and alcohol consumption on morbidity and mortality underline the importance of health promotion and prevention (HPP) at the primary health care (PHC) level. Likewise, the deficiencies when putting such policies into practice and assessing their effectiveness are also widely recognised. The objectives of this research...

Modelling innovative interventions for optimising healthy lifestyle promotion in primary health care: "Prescribe Vida Saludable" phase I research protocol

Background The adoption of a healthy lifestyle, including physical activity, a balanced diet, a moderate alcohol consumption and abstinence from smoking, are associated with large decreases in the incidence and mortality rates for the most common chronic diseases. That is why primary health care (PHC) services are trying, so far with less success than desirable, to promote...

Is integration of healthy lifestyle promotion into primary care feasible? Discussion and consensus sessions between clinicians and researchers

Health, and co-financed by European Union FEDER funds (RETICS G03/170 and RD06/0018/0018). The 'Prescribe Vida Saludable' research group: Gonzalo Grandes, Alvaro Sanchez, Josep M Cortada, Carlos Caldern