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New insights into HIV-1-primary skin disorders

Since the first reports of AIDS, skin involvement has become a burdensome stigma for seropositive patients and a challenging task for dermatologist and infectious disease specialists due to the severe and recalcitrant nature of the conditions. Dermatologic manifestations in AIDS patients act as markers of disease progression, a fact that enhances the importance of understanding...

Clonal Selection and Population Dynamics of Vγ2/Vδ2 T Cells in Macaca Fascicularis

Bryant 1 C David Pauza 1 0 University of Rome , Tor Vergata, Rome , Italy 1 Institute of Human Virology , Baltimore, MD, 212101 ft]><


Induction of Programmed Cell Death in Kaposi's Sarcoma Cells by Preparations of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

BACKGROUND: Isolation of the first neoplastic acquired immunodeficiency syndrome-related Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) cell line (KS Y-1) has furthered understanding of the pathogenesis of KS. Studies with KS Y-1 cells have indicated that inhibition of KS cell proliferation occurs in early pregnancy in mice and after treatment with certain commercial preparations of human chorionic...

Deletion and Translocation Involving Chromosome 3(p14) in Two Tumorigenic Kaposi's Sarcoma Cell Lines

Background Two neoplastic Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) cell lines, KS Y-1 (derived from a patient with KS associated with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) and KS SLK (derived from an immunosuppressed patient with a renal transplant and KS or iatrogenic KS), have been shown to have abnormal chromosome constitution and to require no exogenous growth factors. They produce malignant...