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Numerical and experimental studies of stick–slip oscillations in drill-strings

The cyclic nature of the stick–slip phenomenon may cause catastrophic failures in drill-strings or at the very least could lead to the wear of expensive equipment. Therefore, it is important to study the drilling parameters which can lead to stick–slip, in order to develop appropriate control methods for suppression. This paper studies the stick–slip oscillations encountered in...

Proof-of-concept prototype development of the self-propelled capsule system for pipeline inspection

This paper studies the prototype development for the self-propelled capsule system which is driven by autogenous vibrations and impacts under external resistance forces. This project aims for proof-of-concept of its locomotion in pipeline environment in order to mitigate the technical complexities and difficulties brought by current pressure-driven pipeline inspection...

Controlling multistability in a vibro-impact capsule system

This work concerns the control of multistability in a vibro-impact capsule system driven by a harmonic excitation. The capsule is able to move forward and backward in a rectilinear direction, and the main objective of this work is to control such motion in the presence of multiple coexisting periodic solutions. A position feedback controller is employed in this study, and our...