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Us-China Trade Imbalance: The Economic, Political, and Legal Implications of Chinese Currency Manipulation

By Joshua Brown, Published on 05/01/13 ... :// Part of the International Trade Law Commons - Article 4 Joshua Brown* This article presumes that Chinese currency manipulation has a negative impact on world markets, in

Response to Carole Spencer

:// RESPONSE JoShua BroWn ot c arole SPencr r eSPonSe hanks to Carole Spencer for her review of the Autobiography of Allen Jay. Spencer’s stature as a scholar of Friends in the holiness ... to change my mind. I do not believe the cause of 2 40 • JoShua BroWn Christ is advanced by pushing in innovations or change of practice faster than the weight and religious sentiment of the meeting is

Murine Anti-vaccinia Virus D8 Antibodies Target Different Epitopes and Differ in Their Ability to Block D8 Binding to CS-E

The IMV envelope protein D8 is an adhesion molecule and a major immunodominant antigen of vaccinia virus (VACV). Here we identified the optimal D8 ligand to be chondroitin sulfate E (CS-E). CS-E is characterized by a disaccharide moiety with two sulfated hydroxyl groups at positions 4′ and 6′ of GalNAc. To study the role of antibodies in preventing D8 adhesion to CS-E, we have...