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Galilean field theories and conformal structure

AbstractWe perform a detailed analysis of Galilean field theories, starting with free theories and then interacting theories. We consider non-relativistic versions of massless scalar and Dirac field theories before we go on to review our previous construction of Galilean Electrodynamics and Galilean Yang-Mills theory. We show that in all these cases, the field theories exhibit...

Natural emergence of neutrino masses and dark matter from R-symmetry

We propose a supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model (SM) with a continuous global U(1) R symmetry. The R-charges of the SM fields are identified with that of their lepton numbers. As a result, both bilinear and trilinear ‘R-parity violating’ (RPV) terms could be present at the superpotential. However, R-symmetry is not an exact symmetry as it is broken by supergravity...

Non-universal gaugino mass GUT models in the light of dark matter and LHC constraints

Abstract We perform a comprehensive study of SU(5), SO(10) and E(6) supersymmetric GUT models where the gaugino masses are generated through the F-term breaking vacuum expectation values of the non-singlet scalar fields. In these models the gauginos are non-universal at the GUT scale unlike in the mSUGRA scenario. We discuss the properties of the LSP which is stable and a viable...