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Near-Surface Effects of Free Atmosphere Stratification in Free Convection

The effect of a linear stratification in the free atmosphere on near-surface properties in a free convective boundary layer (CBL) is investigated by means of direct numerical simulation. We consider two regimes: a neutral stratification regime, which represents a CBL that grows into a residual layer, and a strong stratification regime, which represents the equilibrium (quasi...

Global Intermittency and Collapsing Turbulence in the Stratified Planetary Boundary Layer

Cedrick Ansorge Juan Pedro Mellado Direct numerical simulation of the turbulent Ekman layer over a smooth wall is used to investigate bulk properties of a planetary boundary layer under stable

Study of low-order numerical effects in the two-dimensional cloud-top mixing layer

Eckhard Dietze Juan Pedro Mellado Bjorn Stevens Heiko Schmidt Large-eddy simulation (LES) has been extensively used as a tool to understand how various processes contribute to the dynamics of the

Two-fluid formulation of the cloud-top mixing layer for direct numerical simulation

A mixture fraction formulation to perform direct numerical simulations of a disperse and dilute two-phase system consisting of water liquid and vapor in air in local thermodynamic equilibrium using a two-fluid model is derived and discussed. The goal is to understand the assumptions intrinsic to this simplified but commonly employed approach for the study of two-layer buoyancy...