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MFAP2 promotes epithelial–mesenchymal transition in gastric cancer cells by activating TGF-β/SMAD2/3 signaling pathway

MFAP2 promotes epithelial–mesenchymal transition in gastric cancer cells by activating TGF-β/SMAD2/3 signaling pathway Jian-Kai Wang,1 Wen-Juan Wang,2 Hong-Yi Cai,1 Bin-Bin Du,3 Ping Mai,4 Li-Juan

Chrysin suppresses proliferation, migration, and invasion in glioblastoma cell lines via mediating the ERK/Nrf2 signaling pathway

Chrysin suppresses proliferation, migration, and invasion in glioblastoma cell lines via mediating the ERK/Nrf2 signaling pathway Juan Wang, Handong Wang, Kangjian Sun, Xiaoliang Wang, Hao Pan ... , Jinling hospital, Medical school of nanjing University , no 305 east Zhongshan road, nanjing, Jiangsu Province, 210002, People's republic of china 1 Juan Wang handong Wang Kangjian sun Xiaoliang Wang hao

A Survey of Methods for Constructing Rooted Phylogenetic Networks

Rooted phylogenetic networks are primarily used to represent conflicting evolutionary information and describe the reticulate evolutionary events in phylogeny. So far a lot of methods have been presented for constructing rooted phylogenetic networks, of which the methods based on the decomposition property of networks and by means of the incompatible graph (such as the CASS, the...

Effect of double-fibre reinforcement on localized bulging of an inflated cylindrical tube of arbitrary thickness

We consider localized bulging of an inflated cylindrical hyperelastic tube of arbitrary thickness that is helically reinforced by two families of fibres. It is shown that localized bulging may become impossible, irrespective of the end conditions, when the tube wall becomes thick enough. This is in sharp contrast with an isotropic hyperelastic tube without fibre reinforcement for...

Cloning and characterization of the Cerasus humilis sucrose phosphate synthase gene (ChSPS1)

. Investigation: Pengfei Wang. Writing ± original draft: Juan Wang. 11 / 14 Writing ± review & editing: Juan Wang, Junjie Du, Xiaopeng Mu. 12 / 14 25. Wang PF, Cao Q, He YB, Du JJ. Composition and dynamic changes

High glucose augments angiotensinogen in human renal proximal tubular cells through hepatocyte nuclear factor-5

, Akira Nishiyama. Data curation: Juan Wang, Ya Liu, Hideki Kobara. Formal analysis: Juan Wang, Ya Liu, Akira Nishiyama. Funding acquisition: Tsutomu Masaki, Akira Nishiyama. Investigation: Juan Wang ... , Ya Liu, Hideki Kobara, Tsutomu Masaki, Akira Nishiyama. Methodology: Juan Wang, Yuki Shibayama, Ya Liu, Hideki Kobara, Tsutomu Masaki, Akira Nishiyama. Project administration: Akira Nishiyama

SBS symptoms in relation to dampness and ventilation in inspected single-family houses in Sweden

Purpose To investigate the relationships between symptoms compatible with the sick building syndrome (SBS) in adults and building dampness and ventilation in single-family houses. Methods Within the Swedish BETSI study, a national sample of single-family houses were inspected by professional building experts, and adults living in the houses answered a questionnaire on SBS...

In vitro and in vivo cytocompatibility evaluation of biodegradable magnesium-based stents: a review

, Chengdu, Sichuan. Her research interest is about the optimization of evaluation methods of biodegradable magnesium-based stent. Juan Wang is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Medicine, Yale

Transcriptome assembly and expression profiling of the molecular responses to cadmium toxicity in cerebral ganglia of wolf spider Pardosa pseudoannulata (Araneae: Lycosidae)

Cadmium (Cd) is a heavy metal that can cause irreversible toxicity to animals, and is an environmental pollutant in farmlands. Spiders are considered to be an excellent model for investigating the impacts of heavy metals on the environment. To date, the changes at the molecular level in the cerebral ganglia of spiders are poorly understood. Cd exposure leads to strong damage in...

The Study of Graininess for Tibetan Named Entity Recognition

Tibetan named entity recognition (NER), which is a fundamental part in Tibetan natural language processing, is the important subtask of Information extraction. In this paper, we surveyed the methods, effect and problems of Tibetan NER. And we discussed which kind of tokens that should be taken as the graininess for Tibetan NER task. The paper used two kinds of different...

Biotoxicity of Cry1Ab protein on wolf spider Pardosa pseudoannulata

Agriculture University , No1 Nongda Road, Changsha 410128 Hunan , China 2 Juan Wang, Yuande Peng and Huilin Yang are co-first author In this research, we carried out a tritrophic bioassay to assess the

Fabrication of Yolk-Shell Cu@C Nanocomposites as High-Performance Catalysts in Oxidative Carbonylation of Methanol to Dimethyl Carbonate

A facile way was developed to fabricate yolk-shell composites with tunable Cu cores encapsulated within hollow carbon spheres (Cu@C) with an average diameter about 210 nm and cavity size about 80 nm. During pyrolysis, the confined nanospace of hollow cavity ensures that the nucleation-and-growth process of Cu nanocrystals take place exclusively inside the cavities. The size of Cu...

Effects of nanosilver and nanozinc incorporated mesoporous calcium-silicate nanoparticles on the mechanical properties of dentin

Methodology: Jie Zhu, Ruizhen Liang, Lizhe Xie, Juan Wang, Diya Leng, Daming Wu. Project administration: Daming Wu, Weihong Liu. Software: Lizhe Xie. Supervision: Weihong Liu. Writing ± original draft: Jie

Antidiabetic activities of polysaccharides separated from Inonotus obliquus via the modulation of oxidative stress in mice with streptozotocin-induced diabetes

This study evaluated the effects of Inonotus obliquus polysaccharides (IOs) on diabetes and other underlying mechanisms related to inflammatory factors and oxidative stress in a mouse model of streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetes. Four weeks administration of metformin (120 mg/kg) and IO1-4 (50%-80% alcohol precipitation), or IO5 (total 80% alcohol precipitation) at doses of 50...

Red blood cell distribution width and carotid intima-media thickness in patients with metabolic syndrome

Background To evaluate the relationship between red blood cell distribution width (RDW) and carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) in metabolic syndrome (MetS) patients. Methods In this study, we analyzed 803 patients with MetS who underwent carotid ultrasonography examination at Henan Province Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine from October 2014 to September 2015...

Role of post-chemotherapy radiation in the management of children and adolescents with primary advanced malignant mediastinal germ cell tumors

. Project administration: Junting Huang, Xiaofei Sun. Resources: Suying Lu, Feifei Sun, Jia Zhu, Juan Wang, Ru Liao, Xiaofei Sun. 10 / 12 Software: Junting Huang, Yuting Tan, Zijun Zhen, Feifei Sun

Coevolution between Stop Codon Usage and Release Factors in Bacterial Species

Three stop codons in bacteria represent different translation termination signals, and their usage is expected to depend on their differences in translation termination efficiency, mutation bias, and relative abundance of release factors (RF1 decoding UAA and UAG, and RF2 decoding UAA and UGA). In 14 bacterial species (covering Proteobacteria, Firmicutes, Cyanobacteria...

Utility Evaluation Based on One-To-N Mapping in the Prisoner’s Dilemma Game for Interdependent Networks

In the field of evolutionary game theory, network reciprocity has become an important means to promote the level of promotion within the population system. Recently, the interdependency provides a novel perspective to understand the widespread cooperation behavior in many real-world systems. In previous works, interdependency is often built from the direct or indirect connections...