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New Directions For European Race Equality Law: Chez Razpredelenie Bulgaria Ad v. Komisia Za Zashtita Ot Diskriminatsia, Anelia Nikolova

FORDHAM INTERNATIONAL LAW JOURNAL Fordham International Law Journal Julie C. Suk - 2017 Article 3 Copyright c 2017 by the authors. Fordham International Law Journal is produced by The Berkeley

Equality After Brexit: Evaluating British Contributions to EU Antidiscrimination Law

Press (bepress). Julie C. Suk I. INTRODUCTION Before the Brexit referendum, Eleanor Sharpston, the current British Advocate General to the Court of Justice of the ... -20 , [1981] E.C.R. 911 . 3. See Julie C. Suk , Disparate Impact Abroad, in A NATION OF WIDENING OPPORTUNIT- IES: THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT at 50 , at 283 , 290 - 91 ( Ellen D. Katz & Samuel R . Bagenstos

Work-Family Conflict and the Pipeline to Power: Lessons from European Gender Quotas

WORK-FAMILY CONFLICT AND THE PIPELINE TO POWER: LESSONS FROM EUROPEAN GENDER QUOTAS Julie C. Suk 0 0 Professor of Law, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, and Visiting Professor, Harvard Law School ... . 8 , 2011 ). 19. I develop this critique in more detail in Julie C. Suk, Are Gender Stereotypes Bad for Women? Rethinking Antidiscrimination Law and Work-Family Conflict , 110 COLUM. L. REv. I, 54 - 60

Procedural Path Dependence: Discrimination and the Civil-Criminal Divide

path dependence. These examples reveal that discrimination is neither criminal nor civil in nature. To overcome its present limits, antidiscrimination law must transcend the substantive ∗ © Julie C. Suk