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A fully defined static suspension culture system for large-scale human embryonic stem cell production

Ma, Lingmin Liang, Lei Wang, Ying Zhang, Xianning Wang, Xin Liu, Zhongwen Li, Jinhui Fang, Jun Wu, Yukai Wang, Wei Li, Baoyang Hu, Liu Wang, Qi Zhou & Jie HaoUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences ... , Beijing, 100190, ChinaXia Li, Ruoyu Ma, Lingmin Liang, Lei Wang, Xianning Wang, Xin Liu, Zhongwen Li, Jinhui Fang, Jun Wu, Yukai Wang, Wei Li, Liu Wang, Qi Zhou & Jie HaoState Key Laboratory of Membrane

Vectorial approximations of infinite-dimensional covariance descriptors for image classification

(No. 61373055). Xiao-Jun Wu is a professor in the School of IoT Engineering at Jiangnan University. He has his Ph.D. degree in pattern recognition and intelligent systems. He has published more than 150

Research on compression-rod lock–release mechanism with large load for space manipulator

With the development of Chinese space station, the space manipulator with large load plays a more and more important role. At the same time, the lock–release mechanism for the space manipulator must be reliable. In this study, the locking point layout method was proposed according to the size and the structure of the space manipulator, and the number and the position of the lock...

Current progress in understanding the molecular pathogenesis of burn scar contracture

Abnormal wound healing is likely to induce scar formation, leading to dysfunction, deformity, and psychological trauma in burn patients. Despite the advancement of medical care treatment, scar contracture in burn patients remains a challenge. Myofibroblasts play a key role in scar contracture. It has been demonstrated that myofibroblasts, as well as inflammatory cells...

Qi Fu Yin–a Ming Dynasty Prescription for the Treatment of Dementia

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory that “kidneys give rise to marrow, and the brain is the sea of marrow” has been a guide for the clinical application of kidney, qi and blood tonics for prevention and treatment of dementia and improvement in memory. As low resistance end-organs, both the brain and the kidneys are subjected to blood flow of high volumes throughout the...

Socioeconomic disparities and sexual dimorphism in neurotoxic effects of ambient fine particles on youth IQ: A longitudinal analysis

: Laura A. Baker, Jiu-Chiuan Chen. Investigation: Laura A. Baker, Jiu-Chiuan Chen. Methodology: Pan Wang, Catherine Tuvblad, Jun Wu, Jiu-Chiuan Chen. Project administration: Pan Wang, Catherine Tuvblad ... . Resources: Jun Wu. Software: Diana Younan, Meredith Franklin, Fred Lurmann. Validation: Pan Wang, Catherine Tuvblad, Diana Younan, Jiu-Chiuan Chen. Visualization: Pan Wang. Writing ± original draft: Pan

Relationship between Venture Capital and Enterprises’ Performance of GEM Listed Companies

MATEC Web of Conferences Relationship between Venture Capital Performance of GEM Listed Companies Jianguo Wang 0 Jun Wu 0 Guomin Ji 0 0 School of Management, Harbin Institute of Technology , Harbin

Automatic non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy screening system based on color fundus image

Non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy is the early stage of diabetic retinopathy. Automatic detection of non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy is significant for clinical diagnosis, early screening and course progression of patients. This paper introduces the design and implementation of an automatic system for screening non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy based on color...

A survey on biomarker identification based on molecular networks

Guanghui Zhu, Xing-Ming Zhao, and Jun Wu declare that they have no conflict of interests. This article does not contain any studies with human or animal subjects performed by any of the authors. 1. Akbani

Multiple solutions of ordinary differential systems with min-max terms and applications to the fuzzy differential equations

In this paper, we investigate the existence of multiple solutions for a class of ordinary differential systems with min-max terms. We present two fundamental results for the existence of solutions. An illustrative example shows that the uniqueness of solution does not hold although the Lipschitz condition is added. Finally, there are some nontrivial applications of the considered...

Estimating and accounting for tumor purity in the analysis of DNA methylation data from cancer studies

We present a set of statistical methods for the analysis of DNA methylation microarray data, which account for tumor purity. These methods are an extension of our previously developed method for purity estimation; our updated method is flexible, efficient, and does not require data from reference samples or matched normal controls. We also present a method for incorporating...

Numerical simulation of microstructure evolution and microsegregation of U-Nb alloy during solidification process

1 Jun Wu 1 Zhen-hong Wang 1 Document code: A 0 . Key Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing Technology (Ministry of Education), School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University

Some fixed-point theorems for mixed monotone operators in partially ordered probabilistic metric spaces

In this paper, some fixed-point theorems for nonlinear contractive operators in partially ordered Menger probabilistic metric spaces are proved. A new extension theorem of the probabilistic versions of Boyd and Wong’s nonlinear contraction theorem is presented. As a consequence, our main results improve and generalize some recent coupled fixed-point theorems and coincidence-point...

Combining graph embedding and sparse regression with structure low-rank representation for semi-supervised learning

Journals and conference proceedings as well as several books. Xiao‑ Jun Wu received the B.Sc. degree in mathematics from Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China, in 1991. He received the M.S. degree in

Development of graphene oxide-wrapped gold nanorods as robust nanoplatform for ultrafast near-infrared SERS bioimaging

,1 Zhouyi Guo,1 Jun Wu,2,4 Zhiming Liu1 1SATCM Third Grade Laboratory of Chinese Medicine and Photonics Technology, College of Biophotonics, South China Normal University, 2Guangdong Provincial Key

Identification and validation of superior reference gene for gene expression normalization via RT-qPCR in staminate and pistillate flowers of Jatropha curcas – A biodiesel plant

Physic nut (Jatropha curcas L) seed oil is a natural resource for the alternative production of fossil fuel. Seed oil production is mainly depended on seed yield, which was restricted by the low ratio of staminate flowers to pistillate flowers. Further, the mechanism of physic nut flower sex differentiation has not been fully understood yet. Quantitative Real Time—Polymerase...

Using a Negative Binomial Regression Model for Early Warning at the Start of a Hand Foot Mouth Disease Epidemic in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China

Background The hand foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a human syndrome caused by intestinal viruses like that coxsackie A virus 16, enterovirus 71 and easily developed into outbreak in kindergarten and school. Scientifically and accurately early detection of the start time of HFMD epidemic is a key principle in planning of control measures and minimizing the impact of HFMD. The...

Distance in cancer gene expression from stem cells predicts patient survival

The degree of histologic cellular differentiation of a cancer has been associated with prognosis but is subjectively assessed. We hypothesized that information about tumor differentiation of individual cancers could be derived objectively from cancer gene expression data, and would allow creation of a cancer phylogenetic framework that would correlate with clinical, histologic...