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\(B_s\pi \) – \(B\bar{K}\) interactions in finite volume and X(5568)

The recent observation of X(5568) by the D0 Collaboration has aroused a lot of interest both theoretically and experimentally. In the present work, we first point out that X(5568) and \(D_{s0}^*(2317)\) cannot simultaneously be of molecular nature, from the perspective of heavy-quark symmetry and chiral symmetry, based on a previous study of the lattice QCD scattering lengths of...

Predictions for pentaquark states of hidden charm molecular nature and comparison with experiment

Liang 5 De-Min Li 4 Jun-Xu Lu 0 Vladymir K. Magas 6 Juan Nieves 3 Angels Ramos 6 Luis Roca 7 En Wang 4 Ju-Jun Xie 1 0 School of Physics and Nuclear Energy Engineering and International Research Center for