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Comparing Happiness and Hypomania Risk: A Study of Extraversion and Neuroticism Aspects

Positive affect has long been considered a hallmark of subjective happiness. Yet, high levels of positive affect have also been linked with hypomania risk: a set of cognitive, affective, and behavioral characteristics that constitute a dispositional risk for future episodes of hypomania and mania. At a personality level, two powerful predictors of affective experience are...

The Collective Benefits of Feeling Good and Letting Go: Positive Emotion and (dis)Inhibition Interact to Predict Cooperative Behavior

Cooperation is central to human existence, forming the bedrock of everyday social relationships and larger societal structures. Thus, understanding the psychological underpinnings of cooperation is of both scientific and practical importance. Recent work using a dual-process framework suggests that intuitive processing can promote cooperation while deliberative processing can...

Development and Validation of a New Multidimensional Measure of Inspiration: Associations with Risk for Bipolar Disorder

Background Individuals at risk for, and diagnosed with, bipolar disorder (BD) appear to have heightened levels of creativity. Although inspiration is creativity, the ways in which individuals appraise and respond emotionally to inspiration in BD remain unexplored. Method The present study reports on a new measure of inspiration (External and Internal Sources of Inspiration Scale...

Not As Good as You Think? Trait Positive Emotion Is Associated with Increased Self-Reported Empathy but Decreased Empathic Performance

Gruber 0 Marco Iacoboni, UCLA, United States of America 0 1 Department of Psychology, Yale University , New Haven , Connecticut, United States of America, 2 Department of Psychology, Stanford University